Bob’s ‘Zim angry if I go claim’ mocked

Bob’s ‘Zim angry if I go claim’ mocked – NewZimbabwe 30/03/2016

PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe has come under fire from political opponents for claiming he was still popular among ordinary Zimbabweans whose living standards have plummeted over the years under his rule.

Mugabe told journalists during a state visit to Japan over Easter that he was not keen on giving up a job he has held for nearly 36 years, insisting any calls for his retirement would invite strong resentment among his people.

But in separate interviews with Wednesday, political opponents took time to slate the veteran leader for allegedly lying to the world.

MDC-T spokesperson Obert Gutu said it was apparent Zimbabwe’s 92-year-old founding leader had overstayed his welcome.

Gutu said Mugabe should not mistake flattering comments made by those benefiting from his patronage system to mean popularity among the bulk of Zimbabweans.

“It is quite possible that a few Zanu PF sycophants might be misleading him into believing that the people of Zimbabwe still want him to hang on as President,” Gutu said.

“The brutal truth, however, is that these sycophants are lying to him.

“In their heart of hearts, these political malcontents know that Mugabe is way past sell-by date.”

The MDC-T dealt Mugabe his first ever election defeat in 2008 but the Zimbabwean strongman muscled his way back via a violent presidential run-off poll that claimed around 300 opposition followers in just a month.

Gutu urged Mugabe to stop hoodwinking the world that he was still popular.

“As the MDC, we once again call upon Robert Mugabe to search his conscience and proceed to do the honourable thing of stepping down from office,” he said.

Lying to the world

Kurauone Chihwayi, spokesperson of the Welshman Ncube led MDC also chastised Mugabe for allegedly lying to the world.

“It is unfortunate that Mugabe had the temerity to lie after over-eating on foreign soil,” he said.

“Zimbabweans want Mugabe out before the 2018 general elections and none of us will get angry if he quits today.

“Zimbabwe will go into celebrations if Mugabe steps down today. He plunged Zimbabwe into serious crisis that threw thousands into the streets.”

If anything, Chihwayi continued, Zimbabweans have deep-seated anger towards a President who admits $15 billion worth of diamond revenue was spirited away in six years by cartels linked to his rule.

PDP spokesperson Jacob Mafume was equally dismissive of Mugabe.

“Mugabe is clearly senile and suffering from cognitive dissonance … it has now become apparent that even his wife wants his job.

“When your wife is now using a marriage certificate to do your job then you know you are finished,” he said referring to the first lady Grace.

Only looters happy with Bob

Harare based political analyst Kudzayi Kwangwari said Mugabe was way too old to be regarded as an asset to Zimbabwe.

“For any reasonable person to think that Zimbabweans cannot do without a 92-year-old leader is mischievous to say the least,” he said.

“A few selfish and arrogant Zimbabweans who are engaging in looting and pillaging would be angry (if Mugabe goes); those that are hemorrhaging the economy at the expense of the populace.”

President Mugabe is said to be living in constant fear of an uprising among ordinary citizens.

His regime has, past few years, enacted tough security laws that have seen security agents move in fast to disperse gatherings feared could snowball into a full blown insurrection.

His paranoia, it is further said, has been reflected in his government’s national budgets which have dedicated the bulk of the resource towards security portfolios.

The former guerrilla leader has however scored better than his opponents in successive independent opinion surveys in which citizens are said to have restored trust in his leadership at the expense of opponents.



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    Zvakwana 6 years ago

    Its crazy that he is still allowed to ‘Hoodwink’ the public into believing that he has been voted into his position.

  • comment-avatar
    MikeH 6 years ago

    mugabe cannot be more deluded. The sooner he goes, one way or another, the better.

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    Mugabe wont leave while he is getting his $12,000 a month , plus the $50,000 for the overseas jaunts every 5 minutes, Grace will make sure he stays to enrich & loot as long as possible!