Bread price goes up 

Source: Bread price goes up – DailyNews Live

Letwin Nyambayo      27 October 2018

HARARE – Lobels has increased its bread price from $1, 10 to $2,20 with
effect from today owing to the high cost of inputs used to make the bread.

In a letter to OK Zimbabwe, Lobels Regional Sales manager Zenzo Malunga
said the wholesale price for all types of Lobels bread is now $2 while the
recommended retail price is now $2,20.

“Please be advised that the price of Lobels bread is going up with effect
from October 27.

“This has been necessitated by the constant rise in input costs. May you
please effect the necessary adjustments within your stores,” Malunga

Bread prices have been going up in the country due to an increase in the
price of wheat and other raw materials that are key in the manufacture of

Figures recently obtained from the Grain Millers Association by this
publication indicate that the price of wheat has increased over the

As such the cost of production in the manufacture of bread has also gone
up resulting in bakers passing on the increase to the consumer.


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    Flick 3 years ago

    How on earth can anyone justify a 100% price increase in 24 hours !!! $1.10 yesterday and $2.20 today, huh !!!

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    Bread price goes up as bond note value goes down vs the USD.
    This is Economics 101 at most universities – prepare for more comrades.
    Fasten your seat belts as an old friend of mine used to say.
    The ZW economic circus is about to pick up speed