BREAKING: Artwell Mandaza dies 

Source: BREAKING: Artwell Mandaza dies | The Herald October 21, 2019

BREAKING: Artwell Mandaza dies
IN HAPPIER TIMES . . . Artwell Mandaza proudly displays some of the many medals he won during his time while flanked by his late wife (right) daughter (left) and grandson at their Bindura home

Tadious Manyepo Sports Reporter
Zimbabwe’s athletics legend, Artwell Mandaza has died.

He was 73.

Mandaza shot to fame in the 1970s winning several accolades as the first black to attain several feats at a time the white minority held monopoly over the sport. Mandaza is regarded as one of Zimbabwe’s greatest athletes and will be remembered more for his 1970 record time of 9,90 seconds in the 100m dash.

Tragically, he never competed in the Olympic Games because his incredible 10,3 to 9,9 second searing sprints were performed when the pariah “state” of Rhodesia was barred from the Olympic Games. The family is still working on the funeral arrangements.

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