Breaking: Mugabe too old & must go- All Zanu PF provinces 

Breaking: Mugabe too old & must go- All Zanu PF provinces 

Source: Breaking: Mugabe too old & must go- All Zanu PF provinces – NewsDay Zimbabwe November 17, 2017

In a dramatic twist of events, all the ten Zanu PF provinces have passed a vote of no confidence on President Robert Mugabe, and declared the 93 year-old leader – who has been in office for 37 years – too old and incapacitated to lead both Zanu PF and government.

The move, which comes at the height of a drama-filled week that saw the military taking control of the country, is a huge knock on the veteran’s leader’s prospects of retaining his presidency for much longer.

Tomorrow, Mugabe’s long-time allies, the war veterans, are hosting a national rally in Harare, where Zimbabweans from various political parties, religions and elsewhere are expected to attend.



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    Bebe Ndlaio 5 years ago

    the difference between ozambique and Zimbabwe is that. Mozambique the ruling party is Frelimo but it changes the presidents while in Zimbabwe the party (ZANU-PF) means Mugabe. In my opinion both country must change the parties in order to see news life…

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    Fallenz 5 years ago

    Absolutely, Bebe Ndlaio..! If this is no more than a change from one strong man dictator to another, both of whom were backed by the same mentality of “rule by edict” rather than the “rule of law”, then there is no difference. ZANU-PF has made zero indication they will change, and without change there, they will continue to remain in power through intimidation, violence, and thuggery.

    How disingenuous of Mugabe to claim his “constitutional right” to remain president… after he stepped all over the people’s constitutional right to free and fair elections..! How many times? Isn’t it time to place a call to the ICC..???

    Beside that, I’d say where ever Mugabe goes from here, the money he and his family stole from the people should be returned to the treasury and dedicated to begin repairing all the infrastructure that has been destroyed at his hands.

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    No going back, Mugabe is gone.