BREAKING NEWS- Chiwenga Appointed Vice President Together With Mohadi

Staff Reporter| Gen Constantino Chiwenga and the current Defence &
Security Minister, Kembo Mohadi, have been announced on radio as
Zimbabwe’s new appointed Vice Presidents. The announcement was made
Saturday morning on the Supa Mandiwanzira owned Star FM radio station.

The development has led to religious celebrations by Mohadi’s church folk
who say the minister’s prophet a Malawian necromancer, made an accurate
prediction last year when he prophesied that the man would soon receive a
crown. But 7 years before, it was already public knowledge obtained on the
search engine Google that Mohadi was set for the VP post.

More to follow….



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    Kutama 5 years ago

    This is so exciting for Christmas. Zimbabwe is so blessed to have such a wonderful Military Junta running the country now. This is truly a wonderful Christmas blessing just in time for us to all celebrate such a momentous event. Chiwenga and Mohandi are true angels from the same flock of angels as Munungagwa and Shiri. This will be a much bigger celebration than when Mugabe stood down. The people will go mad in the streets. The people that they are targeting were not really Zanu people and Mugabe has done nothing but good for Zimbabwe and its people. He is a living National Treasure and only on loan to China, Malaysia and Hong Kong Medical Facilities. We just have to have him back – it is imperative. We need to extend Heroes Acre of Mugabe alone.

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    The comment above just shows the stupi… I can’t even carry on.