BREAKING NEWS: Missing Dr Peter Magombeyi found alive

Dr Peter Magombeyi has been found in Nyabira.

Source: BREAKING NEWS: Missing Dr Peter Magombeyi found alive – The Zimbabwean

More details to follow….


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    Ndonga 4 years ago

    Thank you, God, that he’s still alive.

    And please let’s pray that he can give some good information that will lead to the true identity and arrest and conviction of his abductors…

    …and the wicked rogues that sent them.

    But one thing I think that we can be sure of is that some members of the State Security Agency will not sleep well tonight.

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    DemoPhobia and PeoplePhobia is the problem. Everyone is fearful, including those who held him and those who sent them. This is clearly worse, much worse than Apartheid. Nationalists were not abducted, they were arrested. It took a demo and insistence by a fearful few to cause the now fearful captors to release this young boy. Very sad. Everyone is afraid and terrified, victims, friends, family, leaders, perpetrators, onlookers – it’s terrorism. It’s not a life worth living and betrays all who thought they were fighting for freedom.

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