BREAKING NEWS: Mugabe resigns as Zimbabwe president 

BREAKING NEWS: Mugabe resigns as Zimbabwe president 

Source: BREAKING NEWS: Mugabe resigns as Zimbabwe president – DailyNews Live November 21, 2017

STAFF WRITER      21 November 2017

HARARE – President Robert Mugabe has tendered in his resignation as an
impeachment hearing to remove him from office was underway in the capital
this evening.

National Assembly speaker Jacob Mudenda read out Mugabe’s resignation
letter following legislators to halt the impeachment process that had been
moved to the Harare International Conference Centre.

“I Robert Gabriel Mugabe, hereby formally tender my resignation as
President of Zimbabwe with immediate effect,” the letter read.

The surprise announcement halted an impeachment hearing that had begun
against him.

Lawmakers roared in jubilation and people have begun celebrating in the

Mugabe, who has been in power since independence in 1980, had previously
refused to resign despite last week’s military takeover and days of


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    Uhmf, what you want!
    Is it true you have resigned?
    Can I now be president?
    Why not, because you caused all this
    Whats now for me?
    What you mean – you will be lucky to stay alive.
    Can I keep my Noddy Club membership?
    Oh God!
    Do you what they did to the Ceausescu’s?
    Cut their phone off?
    Shut up; I’m thinking of dying. And it was not phone they cut off.
    But I’m great and I offered Zim so much……..

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    Russell Mallon 5 years ago

    Learn then sing ‘The Mugabe
    Ballad’ by Russell Mallon Happiness.