Britain ‘deeply concerned’ at Zimbabwe unrest; summons ambassador

Source: Britain ‘deeply concerned’ at Zimbabwe unrest; summons ambassador – Reuters

LONDON (Reuters) – Britain summoned the UK Zimbabwean ambassador on Thursday to express its deep concern at unrest that has left three people dead and many injured.

Minister of State for Africa Harriett Baldwin said she had watched with growing concern both the behavior of some protesters and reports that security forces had used excessive violence.

“While we condemn the violent behavior of some protesters, and unlawful acts such as arson and looting, we are deeply concerned that Zimbabwe’s security forces have acted disproportionately in response,” she said in a statement.

Britain called on the government of its former colony to ensure the armed forces acted professionally and to restore full Internet access in the country.

“The UK government calls on Zimbabwe to ensure its security forces act professionally, proportionately and at all times with respect for human life,” the statement said.


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    Flick 3 years ago


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    ZIMBABWE CITIZEN 3 years ago

    Can the British government also call on the protestors to act professionally, proportionally and with respect to human life, and with respect to property of others?

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    Margaret Esterhuizen (nee Stevenage) 3 years ago

    Why is the British Govt deporting Zimbabweans back to Zimbabwe… I read they are deporting 2500…. My son is one of them….he has lived here for over ten years…is not a criminal …has not cost the taxpayer as much as one penny…has been completely supported and accommodated by his family …who also receive no benefits etc…he does not use the NHS…his ancestors are of British decent…his grandmothers birth was registered in this country…both his maternal grandparents served in the British Indian army…yet he is fast been removed back to Zimbabwe…to the streets of Zimbabwe

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    Kelvin 3 years ago

    Finally Zim has reached rock-bottom. We warned you about this in 1999, but alas you were too stupid to understand what you were doing. Enjoy the mayhem… you deserve it.

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    Christopher 3 years ago

    ‘Deeply concerned’, yeah right, like we’ve heard that one before from the UK government! After all they gave away Zimbabwe- Rhodesia to a terrorist in the first place!