Britain ‘deeply concerned’ at Zimbabwe unrest; summons ambassador

LONDON (Reuters) – Britain summoned the UK Zimbabwean ambassador on Thursday to express its deep concern at unrest that has left three people dead and many injured.

Minister of State for Africa Harriett Baldwin said she had watched with growing concern both the behavior of some protesters and reports that security forces had used excessive violence.

“While we condemn the violent behavior of some protesters, and unlawful acts such as arson and looting, we are deeply concerned that Zimbabwe’s security forces have acted disproportionately in response,” she said in a statement.

Britain called on the government of its former colony to ensure the armed forces acted professionally and to restore full Internet access in the country.

“The UK government calls on Zimbabwe to ensure its security forces act professionally, proportionately and at all times with respect for human life,” the statement said.

Reporting by Stephen Addison

From: Britain ‘deeply concerned’ at Zimbabwe unrest; summons ambassador (Reuters)


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    Shirley 3 years ago

    The people have been forced to act this way. People squashed and starved need to be able to fight. They don’t even have weapons for God sakes! We won’t get freedom from this corrupt dictatorship UNLESS we fight! Yes, they shouldn’t attack defenceless civilians in the same predicament UNLESS they are not prepared to do their bit by at the very least staying away from work and schools!

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    Prosper 3 years ago

    What is happening to those whose property was looted and burnt down by demostr

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    MILES R ANDERSON 3 years ago

    Harriet Baldwin lost all credibility, along with the odious Peter Hain when they shook hands with Mnangagwa and Chiwenga who have the blood of thousands of victims of Gukhuruhundi still on their hands. The British Government should hang their heads in shame . Once again they have failed the people in Zimbabwe by cozying up to the men with the money. The men who have salted away millions and yet go about shouting against corruption. These monsters must be brought to book and made to answer for the crimes they have committed along with the Zanu PF cabal who have surrounded themselves with big houses, big cars and huge bank accounts all stolen from the Treasury or Chiadzwa. Now watch ED return with promises from eastern Dictatorships of money that will never materialise ,or , if it does it will come with so many strings attached that Zimbabwe will sink even lower into penury. Shame on you Mnanagagwa, shame on you Chiwenga , shame on you Zanu PF. You feel yourselves slipping and will grasp what you can when you can!