Bulawayo hit by gas shortage 

Source: Bulawayo hit by gas shortage – NewsDay Zimbabwe

BULAWAYO has been hit by a shortage of liquified petroleum gas (LPG), a situation that has left residents stranded as the city is experiencing erratic power supplies.

Indications are that the major gas supplier, Quality Gas Company, ran out of supplies three days ago.

Quality Gas is the leading LPG supplier in Zimbabwe.

The firm’s Bulawayo manager Eliah Sibanda yesterday told Southern Eye that efforts to stabilise the flow of gas were in progress.

“We closed down our offices since Friday because the trucks had run out of gas. The challenges we are facing are that gas is imported from South Africa, and its main station in the neighbouring country shut down,” he said.

“We would like to apologise to our valued customers for the inconveniences caused. We are trying to stabilise things today (yesterday) and as we speak, we are expecting to receive gas in a few hours. The customers can start to come and book for those services.”

Sibanda said the national COVID-19 lockdown period affected their business as they got supplies from companies in South Africa.

“The lockdown makes it difficult for the company to fully supply its customers because the borders are closed and transporting the gas is costly,” he said.

“We are concerned that when government tightens the COVID-19 regulations, the prices will go up because we will be trying to balance things.”

Gas users in Bulawayo told Southern Eye that they failed to access gas in the past week.

“It is very difficult to do business here in Zimbabwe because everything is unpredictable, things can change at any time,” one consumer said.

“We are afraid that maybe the shortage of gas may worsen and that will mean destabilisation of our businesses.”

Businesspeople said they lost a lot in potential revenue due to gas shortage.

Due to electricity shortage in the country, many people in urban areas have resorted to gas for domestic use.