Bulawayo South proud of Cross 

Source: Bulawayo South proud of Cross – NewsDay Zimbabwe April 30, 2018

Bulawayo South is located on the southern parts of Bulawayo and is predominantly a middle and upper class area.


Suburbs in the constituency include Sizinda, Tshabalala, Montrose, Newton West, Morningside, West Somerton, Barham Green and Sidojiwe Flats. Belmont and Donnington industrial areas are also part of the constituency.

Problems in the constituency

lPension rights issues – Labour ministry)

lUnemployment – (Labour ministry)

lClosure of industries – (Industry ministry)

Performance of the MP in Parliament

The outgoing MDC-T legislator Eddie Cross (MDC-T) has raised issues affecting people in his constituency like loss of pensions due to dollarisation and campaigned against corruption. His contributions in Parliament are often researched and backed up by statistics. Cross sits in the Finance and Public Accounts Parliamentary Portfolio Committees. He has been MDC-T MP for two consecutive terms.

What people say about their MP

Judith Dube

I know my MP and I am proud of him. I am one of the 180 beneficiaries of his Sizinda-Tshabalala community garden, a project started in 2015 after the MP secured a donor who provided a solar-powered water pump to irrigate the garden.

He also gave us farming inputs. There is a fowl-run in the garden in which we are expecting to start a chicken project which will run concurrently with the garden since the garden is no longer enough for our growing membership.

Reuben Mategu (Ward 21 councillor)

He is one of the best MPs in Zimbabwe. He has done a lot of good things for the people in his constituency. He liaises with companies, attends funerals, assists the poor and he gave money for medication to the elderly. Whenever we invite our MP to feedback meetings, he comes.

Gomo Muchaneta (Tshabalala)

I don’t know him, I have a child who goes to Mahlabezulu Primary School and I have not heard about the MP.

MP’s response

What has always motivated me is the welfare and progress of the ordinary people of Zimbabwe. I am very concerned about the future of the country and its people.

I have expanded six schools with buildings and equipment – Barham Green Primary School and Founders High School in ward 6 and several schools in ward 21.

I started a new school in Newton West where there were no schools, and at present I have completed early child development blocks at three primary schools, and bought furniture for Founders High School. We are planning to have a community garden at South World. We have secured four new boreholes for the constituency when the State funding comes through.

I put a ceiling for four blocks at Barham Green Primary School and painted the school, cleared anti-hills which were affecting the school, and bought furniture for Founders High School. I renovated Greenfield Primary School, drilled boreholes at Barham Green. We are planning to have a community garden at Southwold. I interact with people through regular feedback meetings in all wards and regular meetings with party structures and councillors.

My job as an MP is to present the interests of the constituency to government and to oversee the State and all its arms. It is also to deal with legislation and policy. These aspects take up most of our time and energies.