Businessman Rwodzi divorces 

Source: Businessman Rwodzi divorces – DailyNews Live

Tendai Kamhungira      28 February 2018

HARARE – Renowned chartered account and businessman Farai Rwodzi’s wife –
Lorah Madiwa – has filed for divorce at the High court citing
irreconcilable differences between the two.

Rwodzi has been married to Lorah for nearly 27 years.

Lorah accuses Rwodzi of having a relationship with another woman and wants

“The marriage between the plaintiff (Lorah) and defendant (Rwodzi) has
irretrievably broken down because of one of the following reasons:
defendant has since been associating improperly with another woman,
conduct which is incompatible with the love, comfort and society plaintiff
is entitled to get from the defendant.

“Defendant has not generally treated plaintiff with love and affection. As
a consequence of defendant’s conduct, the plaintiff has lost all love and
affection for him, with no hope of resumption of a normal husband and wife
relationship,” Lorah said in the summons which is yet to be served on the
Harare businessman.

She has made demands for a share of a number of properties she listed as
having been acquired during the subsistence of their marriage.

The properties include holiday homes and a farm in Mashonaland East

“On a proper consideration of the parties’ direct and indirect
contributions to the acquisition, maintenance and day to day
administration of the immovable properties, it would be just and equitable
in terms of Section 7 (1) of the Matrimonial Causes Act (Chapter 5:13), if
the immovable properties were shared between the parties as follows:

“Number 85 Luna Road, Umwinsidale, Harare be declared to be the sole
property of the plaintiff and that the defendant himself or through Eaves
Properties (Private) Limited, sign and execute all such papers or deeds
necessary to pass ownership to the plaintiff.

“Alternatively, the property be sold at best advantage on the open market
and the parties share the proceeds thereof equally,” Lorah said.

She further demanded maintenance for their children, school fees and
uniforms among other items.

“General maintenance in the sum of $6 780 per month until the youngest of
the children becomes self-sufficient,” she said, adding that she needed $3
730 per month as post-divorce maintenance until she died or remarried.

“Alternative to the above, it would be just and equitable if the defendant
was ordered to pay the plaintiff the lump sum of $350 000 as once off
post-divorce maintenance payment to enable the plaintiff to maintain
herself and start a business venture,” she added.

The amount demanded for the children include $200 for wifi, $1 100 for
maids, $600 for security guards, $400 for counselling, $50 for pool
chemicals, $300 pocket money, $1 000 for groceries and $160 for one of the
children’s violin, among other issues.

On her party, the money she is demanding is constituted as follows: $500
for fuel, $200 for personal development and wellness, $200 for facials and
beauty treatments, $1 000 personal allowance, $240 for counselling, $150
for hair, $300 for clothes, shoes and personal effects.

Rwodzi is still to respond to the summons.


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    ….$1 100 for maids, $600 for security guards,
    How many maids are you employing? The govt minimum wage is $150 -200 a month. $400 for counselling…what’s that?

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    Why is this news when some bookkeeper divorces his wife !?