Can someone kindly enlighten me as to the reason the African National Congress have sent a delegation to Zimbabwe? 

What exactly do they intend to do? if at all they believe that Zimbabwe is not in any crisis?

Source: Can someone kindly enlighten me as to the reason the African National Congress have sent a delegation to Zimbabwe? – The Zimbabwean


I am certain that they are visiting just to avoid noise from Sadc and AU as they will probably deny there is any crisis at all.

They will most probably be treated to a buffet meal while ordinary citizens can hardly afford a loaf of bread.
How on earth is it possible that a small country can try and fool the outside world?.

Should the ANC report back that all is well in Zimbabwe then it shows how foolish the ANC is, the ANC are the same ones who reported that the 2018 elections were free and fair.

President Cyril Ramaphosa has announced that there is a crisis so we just wait and see how the report will change once the delegation report back to him.

The ANC must know and should know that the lives of millions of Zimbabweans are in their hands now, is the ANC prepared to admit the truth or will they do what they good at, sweeping it under the carpet?.

Lets wait and see in the next day or so to see who they stand with, let’s also be prepared for disappointment.

K Mlambo


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    Dr Ace Mukadota PhD 1 month ago

    To learn much better ways of stealing funds from Covid donations comrades.
    Pamberi to 2030 comrades – we will all be much etter off and we will be exporting millions of tons of food on NRZ railways

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    Comrade Truth 1 month ago

    They have come to see with their own eyes, the Switzerland of Africa, what so-called crisis detractors peddle about. Their mission will be short as there is only one ministry to visit, the grand chamber of how to steal whilst being entertained by the ministers of starvation, blackout, derailment, dry taps, empty coffers, disease and of course, not forgetting, sport – how to fine-tune rigging of anything, juggle foreign bank accounts and fleece your own grandmother.