Candidate promises bacon, egg and milk

Candidate promises bacon, egg and milk

Source: Candidate promises bacon, egg and milk | The Herald 21 JUN, 2018

Candidate promises bacon, egg and milk
Mr Munyanduri

Zvamaida Murwira Senior Reporter
New Patriotic Front presidential candidate Mr Tendai Peter Munyanduri has promised in his election manifesto to provide a balanced diet for every Zimbabwean, which includes egg, bacon and milk for every breakfast.

Mr Munyanduri said he would also establish a Fruit Authority of Zimbabwe aimed at providing a forest of fruit trees in the country if voted into office on July 30. “If NPF manages to come into power, it will strive to provide the following: extend/improve life expectancy through (a) 100 percent access to free and quality medical/health care for every citizen in need (b) 100 percent access to a balanced diet to all citizens and food on the table for every Zimbabwean, at least an egg, beacon and milk for every breakfast,” he said.

“Access to adequate food, housing and friendly health facilities. To that effect, a parastatal called Fruit Authority of Zimbabwe (FAZ) will be established. The intention is to create a fruit forest i.e. forests of fruit trees.”

Mr Munyanduri promised to nationalise public and private firms.

“We want to nationalise all indigenised and privatised companies to ensure all companies are owned by all Zimbabweans and not just a few as promoted by the Zanu-PF indigenisation policy,” said Mr Munyanduri in the election manifesto.

He also pledged to reduce the cost of upmarket houses to less than a $1 000 for first time buyers.


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