Cave pot leads to gold rush in Kwekwe 

Source: Cave pot leads to gold rush in Kwekwe – NewsDay Zimbabwe


THE discovery of a gold pot in a cave by a pupil at Amaveni Primary School in Kwekwe, Midlands province, on Friday sparked a gold rush, attracting artisanal miners from across the country.

Midlands police spokesperson Inspector Emmanuel Mahoko confirmed the incident, saying police had been deployed to the area to quell the disturbances linked to the gold rush.

“It is confirmed that a Grade 6 boy at Amaveni Primary School picked up a piece of gold ore from the cave in question,” he said.

“The gold ore was then noticed by knowledgeable community members after seeing the boy playing with the ore.”

Mahoko said the boy eventually led the community to the place, which subsequently led to a massive rush for quick riches as villagers dug the earth searching for the mineral.

Mahoko said officials from the Mines and Mining Development ministry had visited the area to confirm the gold find.

“We found an estimated 10 000 people panning for gold inside the cave,” he said.

“We recommend that the illegal activities be stopped forthwith and allow formal processes to take place and that the Mines and Mining Development ministry takes the lead, holders of prospecting licences register with the council, security areas be taken charge of and that the community share ownership be mooted.”

Kwekwe Central MP-elect Judith Tobaiwa (Citizens Coalition for Change) also confirmed the gold rush, adding that the natural resource should benefit

“We have youths who are idle and our view is that these local resources should benefit local communities,” she said.


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    G'day 1 month ago

    Any of you heard about the “diamond” rush in Ladysmith South Africa recently? Turned out to be quartz stones.
    Just saying.