Chakadini Clinic set for commissioning

Source: Chakadini Clinic set for commissioning | The Herald

Chakadini Clinic set for commissioning
Chakadini Clinic in Marondera Rural District Council will be commissioned soon.

Victor Maphosa Mashonaland East Bureau

The commissioning of Chakadini Clinic is expected soon after Government, through Marondera Rural District Council and Chakadini Old Students’ Association, completed construction works in Ward 10.

The clinic has a capacity to cater for more than 1 000 people and is a major relief to ward 10 villagers who are walking long distances for medical attention.

Over $27 million was channelled towards construction of the clinic block, waiting mothers’ shelter and buying of furniture and equipment for the clinic.

Marondera RDC chief executive officer Mr Tichafara Gundo said they were waiting for the furniture and equipment to arrive before the commissioning.

He said as a council, they were happy with the progress to date and soon the clinic will be open.

Chairperson of the clinic committee Mrs Beauty Katsenga said soon the challenge of walking long distances during the night and crossing flooded rivers to clinics would be a thing of the past for local villagers.

“The project started in 2017, but it began at a slow pace because the community was not fully into it,” she said. “The idea to build this clinic came from Chakadini Secondary School Old Students Association after they realised the challenge to access health services faced by the community.

“The community started making bricks and the project kick-started. Along the way when the project was facing resource challenges, that is when Government intervened through devolution and channeled some funds towards the construction of this clinic. Soon, the challenge of walking for long distances will be over.”