Chegutu council warns vandals 

Source: Chegutu council warns vandals –Newsday Zimbabwe

CHEGUTU Municipality

CHEGUTU Municipality has issued a stern warning to residents who are reportedly stealing and vandalising council property.

The local authority’s spokesperson Brian Nkiwane told NewsDay that the criminal acts have been happening for some time.

“On Tuesday, two 400-watt solar tower light fittings were stolen in Forit. This has been happening for some time.

“We call upon responsible citizens to report such acts. The property belongs to all of us, therefore, let’s help each other to safeguard what the council availed to us citizens,” Nkiwane said.

“We have made reports to the police, but no one has been arrested so far. We strongly warn those responsible for such acts that if caught on the wrong side they will face the wrath of the law. We will not hesitate to take action against residents who are in the habit of vandalising council property.”

Meanwhile, the council recently scooped an award from the Chegutu-based Perez International Ministries for its effort to beautify the central business district.

“We have been working hard to spruce up the face of the town and we keep working hard. We thrive to bring back the glory days and do better,” Nkiwane said.