‘Chiadzwa pollutants causing still births’

via ‘Chiadzwa pollutants causing still births’ – NewsDay Zimbabwe October 6, 2014

OPPOSITION MDC-T legislator Prosper Mutseyami has accused Chinese diamond firms in Chiadzwa of dumping toxic chemicals along Odzi and Saver rivers, leading to an upsurge in cases of stillbirths among people and livestock.

The Musikavanhu MP made the claims during a mining legislation workshop for parliamentarians in Kadoma last Friday.

“Chinese companies in Chiadzwa are polluting Odzi and Save rivers which are almost 270 kilometres, and when cattle drink water their stomachs swell, and they have stillbirths and eventually die in a year,” Mutseyami said.

“The Environmental Management Agency (EMA) was told about the issue and now women are also experiencing stillbirths at surrounding hospitals.”

Mangwe MP Obedingwa Mguni (Zanu PF) said at Mpoeings, cyanide poisoning in water sources caused cattle to fall ill and due to ignorance people consumed the meat.

He said one person died and 30 people had since been hospitalised for consuming contaminated meat.

“We reported the issues to police, but up to now the culprits have not been caught,” he alleged.

EMA official Chris Mushava confirmed receiving reports of massive water pollution from villagers in Chiadzwa.

“We have tried to enforce the law to ensure there are slime dams that hold their effluent so that they do not pollute the water.
Most of the miners now have the slime dams” Mushava said.

“However, our problem as law enforcers is in order to go to Chiadzwa, we need to apply for written permission which takes seven days as it is a protected area. By the time we get clearance and we go to do our checks, the polluters would have hidden the evidence,” he said.

Mushava said there was need to strengthen environmental laws and charge deterrent fines above the current $5 000.

He said environmental pollutants in Botswana and Zambia were charged $15 000 and
$25 000 respectively.
He said mining companies found it cheaper to pay pollution fines than invest in pollution reduction equipment.


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    Mixed Race 8 years ago

    A few months ago when an article about water contamination at Kadoma was released, some of the commentators claimed that the article was not correct.The truth is that our rivers and dams are now heavily polluted thus endangering everybody and animals due to uncontrolled greed and lawlessness among the elite.
    How can EMA function effectively if their mandate is being compromised so badly?EMA should make visits to suspected places without notice so that they can catch these ruthless and dangerous individuals and companies.These companies have their bottled water to drink,therefore they do not care about the locals and animals.The locals are suffering because of the discovery of those dirty diamonds instead of benefiting from them.
    If we are not careful,this nation will be a nation of disabled persons.This would make us more dependent on foreigners to run our economy and other activities,maybe it is a hidden plot by those who are involved in the pollution.Who is to benefit at the end?The foreigners and the few local elite persons.

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    tonyme 8 years ago

    How can Zimbabwe go to the dogs to this rate. Human protection should be the paramount goal after independence. why is it that people have to straddle while a group of foreigners live with impunity. Zimbabweans need a break where their grievances can be heard just like the Chinese have a special office where they file complaints. At least they have somewhere to go, Zimbabweans don’t have another country to go to and claim citizenship. With children being born still, there are many more being born defected. There will not be enough money to assist with special accommodation, 504, or other special education programs. Only God knows, can Zimbabweans get a break?

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      Try doing something for yourselves for a change you voted mugabe in so why do you expect things to get better.AFRICANS???????

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    JRR56 8 years ago

    The world is a strange place with Zimbabwe getting environmental accreditation while the rivers and lakes are being polluted by these New World miners. Look at China where there have been so many scandals in pollution, mining and just criminal greed and Mugabe is selling off the silverware to these same people. Clean water is now a luxury and the death of thousands to Cholera is still fresh in our minds.