Chigwedere, son ordered to get paternity tests 

Source: Chigwedere, son ordered to get paternity tests – DailyNews Live

Tendai Kamhungira      28 July 2018

HARARE – Former Education minister Aeneas Chigwedere has been ordered to
have his son Mangwiza undergo a paternity test after the politician
disowned his offspring after he accused him of practicing witchcraft.

Mangwiza has consented to the DNA tests only if they are conducted by at
least two institutions and his “dad” pays for the process, as well as
travel costs.

High Court judge Esther Muremba ruled in Chigwedere’s favour and ordered
the son to have the paternity test done.

“It is ordered that: the respondent (Mangwiza) be and is hereby ordered to
submit himself with the applicant (Chigwedere) to DNA tests for purpose of
determining the respondent’s paternity within 15 days from the date of
this order.

“The DNA tests shall be conducted by two suitably qualified health
institutions in Harare of respondent’s own choice. The applicant to pay
costs of the DNA tests and respondent’s travelling costs,” reads Muremba’s
ruling, handed down on July 9, 2018.

Chigwedere and his son have been at loggerheads, with Mangwiza accusing
his father – a  politician, historian, educationist, and traditional
leader – of witchcraft.

Mangwiza approached the Constitutional Court seeking an order compelling
the Zimbabwe National Traditional Healers Association (Zinatha) and the
Zimbabwe National Practitioners Association (Zinpa) to exorcise
Chigwedere’s alleged goblins which he said were terrorising the family in
their rural area of Wedza in Mashonaland East Province. This prompted
Chigwedere to question his son’s paternity.

“Among the various reasons that prompted myself to approach the honourable
court for such relief, is the fact that, the respondent’s birth, childhood
have always been surrounded with various family issues which always cast
suspicion and doubt on whether or not he really is my biological son.

“Sadly, it has now become critical that the issue be resolved as we both
now have competing rights and interest regarding the devolution of my
estate in the event of my demise. Hence, my approaching this court,”  the
former resident minister and governor of Mashonaland East Province, said.

Chigwedere further said the witchcraft allegations had prompted him “to
seek the court’s help in establishing genetic proof whether I am truly the
respondent’s biological father, as I am of the view that a scientific
determination of the respondent’s paternity would materially assist in the
matter pending (then) before the Constitutional Court.

“I have been subjected to emotional stress raised by frivolous and
vexatious allegations of witchcraft against myself by the respondent,”
Chigwedere, who is also headman Svosve Mubayiwa, said.

Mangwiza claims in his court papers that he was convinced that his father
and stepmother were practising witchcraft and or sorcery, or incorrect
cultural procedures that had tormented the whole clan causing deaths,
misery, ill-health and mental anguish.

He said this has resulted in him and other family members to flee Wedza,
but have not been spared either way.