Chimene warns Asian business people 

Source: Chimene warns Asian business people – DailyNews Live

Bernard Chiketo      5 November 2017

MUTARE – Combative minister of State for Manicaland Province Mandiitawepi
Chimene has warned that she will order the closure of Asian businesses
that are refusing to accept plastic money and demanding cash.

Speaking on the side-lines of a workshop to discuss Zanu PF’s economic
blueprint ZimAsset II and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Chimene
had no kind words for the Asian business people, labelling them “money

“I am making this clear today that if the Indians don’t want to adopt the
new cashless system by providing swipe machines they should close shop,”
Chimene said.

She took a swipe at the Asian community for snubbing the business forum,
organised by Macro Economic and Investment Promotion, which she said was
meant to discuss developmental projects initiated by government to
stimulate economic growth.

“They own quite a number of businesses but their absence speaks volumes.
They own three quarters of businesses in the city but surprisingly, they
don’t attend these development forums,” Chimene said.

She added” “I am disappointed. I am going to engage them. They are letting
us down”.

Chimene said instead of contributing meaningfully to economic development,
the Asians were busy hoarding cash.

“Instead of coming to air their views and contribute meaningfully towards
the development of the province, they are busy hoarding money. They are
cash barons and they are afraid to mix and mingle with us.

“They think each time we call for meetings we want to expose their shoddy
deals,” said Chimene.

She also blasted the Asian community for failing to renovate their
buildings in the city, saying most of the infrastructure was in bad shape.

“Most of their buildings are so dilapidated because they were constructed
in the then Rhodesia. They don’t care because what they want is money. We
cannot have a city run by people who do not want to maintain and develop
it,” she said adding that this time around she was going to be tough and
will take them head on.

“When you drive down the main street you see dilapidated buildings and
their owners are Indians. They have all the money but they don’t want to
spend it in Zimbabwe. Where do they want to spend their money?”

“You make the money here and you don’t want to spend it here. Your
repatriate it back to your country of origin. They have to play to the
gallery or ship out,” said Chimene.


  • comment-avatar
    Nyoni 5 years ago

    Chimene you are full of rubbish. Talk to your boss first on his and your parties shenanigans.

  • comment-avatar
    John Doe 5 years ago

    he Zim Dollar (bond notes) and RTGS dollars even though supposedly “at par” may not be readily exchangeable to actual US dollars. Ie, there may be more RTGS and Bond notes then there are balances of actual US currency.

    If these really are equal, then you should be able to go to the banks or reserve bank and trade your RTGS balances for US dollars.

    Any bets on whether the minister will back up their big talk on value of RTGS with real dollars? perhaps the shady deals are with the minister who is pumping out fake RTGS balances without the US dollars to back them up?