China directed election rigging: leaked docs

via China directed election rigging: leaked docs | The Zimbabwean by Staff Reporter 11.09.13

The Chinese Communist Party played a major role in advising Zanu (PF) and rigging the July 31 elections, according to documents leaked to The Zimbabwean this week.

Documents leaked to The Zimbabwean

“Director Mr Chung Huwao (mobilisation) Chinese Communist Party will lead a parallel registration and mobilisation structure in systematic sync with NIKUV International Projects and Registrar General’s office to minimise neutralise (sic) hostile votes in urban areas counter populating, under-registration (age band 18-15) (sic – should read 35) and over registration (age bands 35-90),” read the minutes of a joint meeting between the Zanu (PF) commissariat and the Joint Operations Command held at Manyame Air Force Base on June 3, 2013.

“As advised by CPC the approach to be used in peri-urban areas centres on land ownership – membership to vote. The message communicated must be that hostile votes will lead to loss of land entitlement. Ownership of flea markets and stalls must be based on card carriage and re-orientation meetings attendance. Absolute neutralisation of the enemy in the areas is recommended when necessary.”

The minutes show that Zanu (PF) acknowledged that it had lost support since 2008 and was worried about declining membership. To counter this, the party brought in the JOC, the Chinese Communist Party and Nikuv International Projects to assist the Registrar General’s office in manipulating the voters roll to produce an election victory.

“As at May 25 2013, party records show a membership of 700,000, down from 775,000 in 2008. Collaborative intelligence shows that the potential voters are 670,000 as at June 3 2013, against potential hostile votes of 1,000,000 (at) the same date,” say the minutes.

“Records, reconnaissance and collaborated intelligence show that Midlands province alone has potential of producing (sic) 450,000 votes by July end. Mashonaland Central and West can produce a total of 1,2 million votes over and above already recorded friendly votes.

“Zimbabwe military intelligence will coordinate and evaluate mobilisation tactics informing the party commissariat, led by Dir Sydney Nyanungo and A.V Marshall H Muchena. Major-General Martin Chedondo will join the team of (Staffing and logistics),” say the documents.

In the urban areas the documents show that there was parallel registration at Zanu (PF) offices under the supervision of NIKUV. “Intelligence officers will take a lead role in party structures to set housing schemes, re-orient the beneficiaries and populate them on the voters roll through party offices and Nikuv International projects.

It said one DT Nhepera, the CIO Director (Internal), together with Nyanhungo and Muchena, had chosen Nikuv “basing on their excellent record from 2002”.

“Nikuv International Projects will assist in populating the (voters’) roll, computing figures and modeling results before and during elections to counter unfavourable voting outcomes in major cities” and would be paid $13 million.

The committee also recommended that the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission voter registration exercise must be led by security personnel and trusted party cadres, with ZEC being directed to ensure that they registered less than 10 people per centre per day.

The minutes indicate that, in rural areas, youths would be deployed at ward level by national security to neutralise the party’s opponents, while traditional leaders would also be roped in to help.

According to the minutes, “pirate” radio stations posed the “greatest danger (to Zanu (PF)) in rural areas” and, to counter that, the party and its partners were installing new Shortwave jammers while updating the old equipment in Harare and Makuti.

In the rural areas the documents show that the meeting decided that trained youths would be deployed in various wards, led by security personnel “as advised by the Chinese Communist Party”.

“These will direct enemy neutralisation, depopulation and population of provinces with the help of traditional leaders. Banning of enemy gatherings, regalia and occasional disciplinary action to (sic) enemy leaders must produce absolute liberated zones,” say the documents.



  • comment-avatar
    mindpower 9 years ago

    Is this news? This stuff was leaked before the election.

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    Looks like they finally got hard copies of it, but the courts and SADC aren’t interested.

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    Tendai Sangi 9 years ago

    Peaceful resistance in the face of this organised mob flush with diamond dollars will not do. We need Chimurenga 3 Mr. Tsvangirai!

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    Collin Mackenzie 9 years ago

    If that’s what you call facts and evidence of rigging come on shut the door and go next door.

    Just a piece of paper that says nothing and with no introduction and even names or official letter head head, for I care, you wrote it and why now, what help will it deliver.

    When people were ask to present evidence before the 14 days now one came forward.
    So please keep your fake and made up propaganda stuff to yourself.

    We want Zimbabwe situation news post like posting the new cabinet and the new toll roads, why do you not talk about that people need to know the other side of the bad coin please.

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    NONSENSE…u mean some1 can pay 13millions just for that information and assistance…the strategies are not new and I think the CIO knows them and they don’t need NIKUV or Mao’s thugs to figure that out…

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    james zvekuda 9 years ago

    The economy is the answer. When the rubber hits the road!!!!

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    Pulsey 9 years ago

    That is 100% correct. There is no lies or fabrication in the minutes. If it is lies check with inkomo barracks if they did not deploy the youths on said days? It is a known fact that soldiers were deployed on what they call AS duties since 2000 campaining for ZANU. It will be dream for any party to win elections in Zimbabwe save for ZANU without confrontation with the security forces. There is no distinction between the party and security forces. The only thing which is clear to all sane minded people who dream of a better Zimbabwe is to fight and dislodge the Zanla forces in ZNA uniforms. We call upon China to stop medling with our politics. While MDC ,
    s inteligence unity if there is any need total revamp. Third and final chimurenga is the way to go. Pamberi nokuzvisungura. Pamberi nokurwisa udzvinyiriri. Pasi nembwende.

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    beck son 9 years ago

    Only the third chimurenga war is the only alternative african solution to free zimbabwe from zanupf imperialism.Pamberi nokuzvisunungura,pasi nembwende,let’s take arms and fight zanupf,election failed the will of majority,a true reflection which is evident that no amount of democratic principles will win you election during the presence of zanupf.It true that without employing the above mentioned mechanism,zanupf will rule until Jesus comes.

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    Mabasa 9 years ago

    While a document of this nature can be a fake propaganda piece, the blatant rigging we saw with our own eyes can distabilise our peaceful nation. Angry citizens can easily take to the streets and cause the hell we see in Egypt and Syria. If China helped Zanu to steal our elections they sowed seeds of revolt.Evil will not prevail forever

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      maisokwazo 9 years ago

      Report is true and only we Zimbabwe can liberate ourselves from tyrrants Look at Eritrea Eritrians liberated themselves from Ethopia Lets make the system dysfunctional They could not rule alone in 2008 hence the creation of GNU which got adulterated

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    jongwe power 9 years ago

    “BREAKING NEWS: China and Israel jointly worked to rig the elections.”

    Yes indeedy, nobody knew that.