Communities adjacent to protected areas commit their land to conservation

Source: Communities adjacent to protected areas commit their land to conservation. – NewsDay Zimbabwe


COMMUNITIES adjacent to protected areas in Mbire have committed part of their land towards wildlife conservation, a move that is expected to help curb poaching in the area.

These communities include

where African Wildlife Foundation is working in partnership with Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority (ZIMPARKS) to train game scouts to do animal protection activities, as well as ward 1, 3, 4, 10, 11, 12 and 16 in Mbire.

AWF community based natural resources management officer Collen Mathema yesterday said the gesture by the Mbire community will go a long way in conserving wildlife.

Angwa Ward 1

“They have organized themselves in a way that allows conservation to take place,” Mathema said.

“Such communities have put aside concession areas specifically for wildlife conservation and related businesses.

They also have committees that manage wildlife conservation; for example, they have trained community game scouts to undertake wildlife protection by doing patrols to ensure poaching is reduced,” he said.

Mathema also said communities in Mbire have devoted budgets towards improving the water situation in the area to ensure that wildlife has enough resources.