Conserve wildlife: African leaders urged

Source: Conserve wildlife: African leaders urged – NewsDay Zimbabwe


AFRICAN leaders have been told to take the lead in wildlife conservation to maintain the ecological balance.

This was said by African Wildlife Foundation senior director in charge of project management and partnerships Alistair Pole recently in Kariba.

Pole said the continent was failing on the conservation front because of lack of political will.

“One of the key things that we identified is African conservation is failing because Africa is not taking leadership and responsibility for the conservation decisions on the African continent,” Pole said.

“They are allowing the loud voices from outside the continent to dominate and allow them to make decisions on behalf of African people.

“African governments struggle with development issues including health issues and others. What we want to do as AWF is protect habitats, land and species as they are important for the sustainable development of Africa.”

Pole said AWF planned to invest in wildlife and environment conservation programmes in Zimbabwe, Cameron, Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda.

Wildlife conservation was defined as the practice of protecting animal species and their habitat.