Corruption exposé: Mujuru’s image soiled?

via Corruption exposé: Mujuru’s image soiled? | The Zimbabwean by Nelson Sibanda 12.02.14

Recent statements by Vice President Joice Mujuru in defence of corrupt management at public institutions has soiled her integrity say experts.

Mujuru, who is in line to succeed President Robert Mugabe, shocked the nation when she blasted the media for publicising obscene salaries earned by top executives at parastatals and other public institutions.

She told a Zanu (PF) Mashonaland West Provincial Women’s Conference last week that: “Media exposure of ‘obscene’ salaries earned in the public sector was a strategy by the enemy to destroy the party and Zimbabwe.”

Political analysts described Mujuru’s attempts to sweep corruption and looting under the carpet as unacceptable. Political analyst, Shakespear Hamauswa said the statement could soil her image and jeopardise her chances as future head of state.

Her comments are seen as a calculated attempt to shield those fingered in the ‘salarygate’ who are considered to be aligned to her faction.

Another respected analyst, Greg Lennington, said leaders should not suppress public debate on issues of national interest and it was critical that people speak openly against corruption.

Political commentator Rejoice Ngwenya said: “There were clear and undisputable facts that there was serious abuse of high office in the parastatals. If Mujuru was clever, she could have blamed the quality of management and ministers who slept on duty while the obscene salaries were dished out.”


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    mujibha 8 years ago

    Fellow zimbabweans, pls don’t ever make that mistake by voting mujuru as next president, she is an economy looter. If I can rember well just before/after election she said if u don’t make money now or in the next 5 yrs u will never make money again. To me she is the one who is incouraging all these big boses to loot. If mugabe, serious about corruption mai mujuru has to be investigated. Pasi nembavha.

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    Who Next
    A day in politics is like a century, Bad advisers, say illiterate advisers, are like the hemlock poison to a politician. Ask Amai Mujuru, in one ill advised but recorded speech she strangled herself. Like a bad delivery, she became the proverbial child who got strangled by the umbilical cord. Here was an opportunity to be born, strong and triumphant, with Bob out of the country, she was the boss, the political maestro. All she had to do was condemn and this with the repute of her liberation hero husband would have made her unassailable but, I say again BUT, she fumbled, flopped and followed bad advice and like any standby quarterback , may never recover from such folly. What a pity. Mai Mujuru, your public or is it private advisers served you right, they, indeed, skewered you and removed all residual support emanating from the death of your husband. You are exposed for all the political carrion birds to feed. after you who next.
    If a ZANU PF choice was to be made tomorrow, Munangagwa would never have to employ any devious tactic. I am sure, Mugabe, if all his senses are apt , will skin and shred Mai Joice Mujuru. What a pity, a woman who had risen to the second highest office fell flat on her face. It is a pity because she almost had it all but now what can save her is a Munangagwa self destruct flop. I lean towards Ngwena now, Mai Mujuru does not have the marbles to hack it as First secretary for ZANU PF and worse still President of Zimbabwe. Right now I would vote for Chinos than for Joice. She has condemned herself to be Vice President for LIFE. We must be the change or pretend to be the change we see in Zimbabwe and she certainly is not the change.

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    She doesn’t want hers and her late criminal husbands obscene looted wealth to be exposed. Simple

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    Ruramai 8 years ago

    I doubt these ill advised remarks will thwart her ascendancy to the throne. Corruption is the hallmark of Zanu p.f. what’s new? Mugabe eats and breathes corruption but has remained at the helm because that’s exactly what keeps him there. A rotten party is run by rotten leaders.

    Remember the outrage is coming from ordinary people and our opinions don’t matter. The only thing that will stop her from replacing Bob is that the military big wigs don’t like her, period.

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    nesbert majoni 8 years ago

    Why can’t we as Zimbabweans rally behind a stronger opposition party like MDC T and vote ZANU PF out. This ZSNU PF administration will never change. They are all corrupt. As long as they are in power the country will suffer and bleed and they will never jail each other because they are all crooks. Why do expect a hyena to go and stop another hyena eating a got it has killed. They will both enjoy the meal. SIMPLE

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    Mprang 8 years ago

    Dr simba makoni is the answer to such economic quagmire and government mismanagement. Mujuru has failed

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    What imgage are you talking about? You mean the facade she puts on? Thats not her image .I believe her omage ressembles splattered chicken guts on a compost heap with a few maggots to boot.She never stood for anybody but herself. Couldn’t even exact justice for her dead husband. Selfish

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    Mike Nyathi 8 years ago

    This is not new. It’s on record that she is a thief from way back. She is just another zanoid. Period. Anyone who thinks different is stupid.

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    Khaya'bonina 8 years ago

    Mujuru stands a chance to survive . Lets cross the border gate and be in South Africa , Jacob Zuma survived and became the president of South Africa after all the allegations against him , rape cases , corruption and appearing on courts several times , people of SA rallied in favour of him simple because they didn’t want Thabo Mbeki. Ok lets come back home , we have got two factions and already people have rallied in favour of Mujuru and voted for her far against Mnangagwa , then it is not easy to change this . The only people to change this should be ZANU PF members , we as the opposition parties its easy to say anything against Mujuru but the majority of ZANU PF members will have a final word . Mujuru have got a huge support from the women of Zmbabwe , they will never let her down as they wish to see a woman stepping up the ladder to this top position , that is a huge and undisputed word from the women through out the world .

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    Only Fools 8 years ago

    Any war vet would tell you she was a camp prostitute during “hondo” days.