Could Victoria Falls dry up?

Source: Could Victoria Falls dry up? – BBC News

The effects of severe drought and climate change are having an impact on one of the world’s great natural wonders, Victoria Falls.

Elisha Moyo, Principal Climate Change Researcher at Zimbabwe’s Ministry of Environment, Climate and Tourism, tells Hardtalk’s Stephen Sackur that the average flow over the falls in 2019 is down by almost 50%

Mr Moyo said: “The low falls are becoming more frequent…

“Who knows maybe one year there will be no falls completely, no water.”

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    In Northern England there is BIG waterfall at ‘Malham’. It is however and has been for the last 200years dry. The reasons are complex but on Boxing day 2018 (December 26th) It sprang to life again, for a few hours after a deluge. My Father remembered being told as lad that 200years previously it came to life (maybe 1798). But, I regret to say Victoria falls probably will be another example. The figures out now from the UN paint dismal failure on C02 and other gas emissions, by the worlds leaders. It is not only Zim that has useless politicians, Trumpington, India and China Town are the worst offenders