Council dumps donated bins 

Source: Council dumps donated bins – NewsDay Zimbabwe


MAZOWE Valley Waters (Pvt) Limited is not at peace with Mazowe Rural District Council (MRDC) after the local authority accepted a donation of branded bins and later dumped them.

The water company allegedly donated six bins to MRDC which were never used.

Mazowe Valley Waters chief executive Tafadzwa Makaya said they had made a follow-up over the issue, but they did not get satisfactory answers.

“On November 25 last year, we donated bins to the local council in a bid to develop a partnership and synergies in the management of solid waste,” Makaya said.

“This was in support of their vision and mission statement which seeks to have an empowered prosperous community by December 2030 and to provide quality services through community participation.”

MRDC chief executive Liberty Mufandaedza was unavailable for comment and had not respond to text messages sent to him.

The company said it handed over the donation to Joshua Nyashanu, the council’s community development officer.

“As a company, we made a follow-up on our donation and saw the bins abandoned in the yard. We questioned Mufandaedza and Nyashanu who promised to install them in Concession, but to date, they are still abandoned in the council yard,” Makaya added.

Nyashanu blasted the water company for taking the issue to the media.

“We have their bins, but why did these guys approach the media? They were supposed to come back to us, not to report to the Press, so we cannot assist them now,” Nyashanu fumed.