Councils in limbo over bus terminuses 

Source: Councils in limbo over bus terminuses | The Herald July 26, 2019

Councils in limbo over bus terminusesClr Gomba

Blessings Chidakwa Municipal Correspondent
Harare and Chitungwiza councils are reluctant to refurbish bus terminuses in their respective areas in support of the reintroduction of a mass public transport system by Government, The Herald has established.

Residents have been calling for the renovation of terminuses, a move they say will ease shelter challenges, especially when they board Zimbabwe United Passenger Company (Zupco) buses in the rainy season.

The terminuses will also assist in controlling passengers and eliminate touts.

Chitungwiza public relations officer Mr Lovemore Meya said they could look for funds to renovate the terminuses.

“Council, in terms of the law, has the responsibility to look after the bus termini,” he said.

However, with the prevailing situation, the terminuses had become defunct due to the non-availability of the services.

“In terms of budget, nothing can stop us from taking part in this process. We can look for funds from other coffers to maintain them.”

Harare Mayor Councillor Herbert Gomba said the city had no budget to conduct a facelift of its terminuses.

“Budgets are still being crafted, but there is an arrangement we made with a private firm so that it uses advertisement space on our termini and then does the renovations,” he said. “If budgets are approved, the process of refurbishing the termini is likely to start by late September.”

A Harare resident, Mr Takudzwa Gandajena, said with the introduction of Zupco buses, council should start renovating terminuses as they bring sanity to the public transport system. “It is easy to maintain a queue in the terminus like we used to do in yesteryears and also with the rainy season fast approaching we need decent shelter when boarding buses,” he said.

Councils are partly to blame for the poor state of their respective termini as they neglected them over the years, despite collecting revenue from the same facilities.

Bus terminuses in Harare’s city centre are situated at Charge Office, Rezende, Market Square, Simon Muzenda Street and Copacabana.


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    Mukanya 5 years ago

    Given the populist anti-productive thinking of GoZ and Party its another fiasco planning in urban areas taking into consideration that the main industry operational currently meaningful is street vending!!