Courts will deal with perpetrators of violence: Judge 

Source: Courts will deal with perpetrators of violence: Judge – The Southern Eye

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Gweru High Court .

HIGH  Court judge Justice Martin Makonese has warned perpetrators of political violence ahead of this year’s elections that the courts will decisively deal with them.

Officially opening the 2023 legal year for the Gweru High Court circuit yesterday, Justice Makonese said Zimbabwe was a democracy where political contestation should be done in a peaceful environment.

“As the country prepares for the 2023 harmonised elections, it is expected that the general peace that prevails in every part of this country will be maintained,” Justice Makonese said.

“In terms of section 164 of the Constitution, the independence of the Judiciary is guaranteed. To that extent, any person who shall disturb the general peace that is prevailing must be warned that the courts are ready to deal decisively with those minded to cause violence, chaos or any other such conduct designed to disturb the peace in the country.”

He added: “Zimbabwe is a constitutional democracy and as such elections must be conducted in a a free and fair atmosphere. Those members of the public who shall violate the laws of this country will only have themselves to blame.”

He said peace and security were key in any functional democracy.

“Any contestation among political parties must be done within the confines of the laws of Zimbabwe,” said Justice Makonese.

“Political violence has no place in a democratic State.

He bemoaned the upsurge in murder cases in the country which he said usually resulted from petty disputes and misunderstandings.

He said a number of murder cases rose from domestic violence, mainly out of incidents of infidelity.

Justice Makonese said the Gweru High Court circuit would deal with 17 murder cases in the next two weeks.