Covid-19 cases reach 551 

Source: Covid-19 cases reach 551 | The Herald

Covid-19 cases reach 551

Herald Reporter

Another 21 people tested positive yesterday to Covid-19, but all are in official quarantine centres, with 18 of those coming from South Africa, three returning from Botswana and one from Mozambique.

South Africa has been the origin of easily the largest batch of Zimbabwean cases, hence the need for tight quarantine rules and for Zimbabwe to be vigilant and enforce its safety rules and lockdown procedures.

The neighbouring country now has 111 796 confirmed cases and 2 205 deaths, making it the worst hit country in Africa and the 18th worst hit in the world.

South Africa has strongly backed all travel restrictions in the Sadc region as part of its own efforts to minimise the dangers to its neighbours.

In many parts of the world, modest reversals to easing lockdown rules have been made following localised spikes in infections. In Germany, for example, two districts in North Rhine-Westfalia state were moved into tighter lockdown after localised increases in infection following a relaxation of rules.