Covid-19 death toll rises to 13

Source: Covid-19 death toll rises to 13 | The Herald

Covid-19 death toll rises to 13

Herald Reporter
Zimbabwe is moving fast towards confirming its 1 000th Covid-19 patient, with the total reaching 942 yesterday after 41 more positive tests on Thursday and 16 yesterday.

The death toll rose to 13.

Three more deaths were confirmed on Thursday, two being patients at Sally Mugabe Central Hospital in Harare and the third at Parirenyatwa Hospital. A fourth death was recorded yesterday, a 63-year-old woman from Matabeleland North.

All four had their infected status unearthed during the now routine tests done whenever anyone dies in hospital.

Recoveries have reached 320 as Zimbabwe now follows the latest protocols of the World Health Organisation (WHO) and counts as recovered those who showed symptoms once 13 days have passed from the first symptom and once 10 days have passed for those who did not show symptoms but still tested positive.

Of the confirmed 57 cases recorded in the last two days, 42 were people infected within Zimbabwe, with the rest being returnees in approved quarantine.

Of the cases that have been cleared by recovery or death, the death rate in Zimbabwe can be calculated as hovering around 3,9 percent, that is just under 1 in 25 people no longer considered as an active case have died. The other 96,1 percent of non-active cases are those who have fully recovered and can resume their normal life.

South Africa remains the most affected African country with the latest figures showing 3 720 deaths, 238 339 confirmed cases and 113 061 recoveries.