Covid-19 stalks the unvaccinated 

Source: Covid-19 stalks the unvaccinated | The Sunday Mail

Covid-19 stalks the unvaccinated

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Almost 90 percent of people who succumbed to the coronavirus in the past few weeks were unvaccinated, underlining the importance of the ongoing mass vaccination exercise, according to a new report from health officials.

The unvaccinated make up 90 percent of hospital admissions.

The Government has ramped up its vaccination campaign, which will be boosted by the arrival of an additional one million Sinovac doses and three million syringes from China today.

The latest report, which is titled “Covid-19 Admissions and Community Deaths by Vaccination Status, Harare Zimbabwe”, shows that mortality rates from the current third wave of the pandemic are more than during the first and second waves.

The report was based on an analysis of mortuary data from 207 deaths.

“Covid-19 Third Wave Mortality: Community Deaths by Vaccination Status as of 22 July 2021 . . . 88,9 percent were not vaccinated, 3,4 percent had received the first dose and 4,8 percent were fully vaccinated, while 2,9 percent were unknown,” read part of the update, which was compiled by chief co-ordinator of the National Covid-19 Response in the Office of the President and Cabinet Dr Agnes Mahomva.

The Delta variant is reportedly affecting more children unlike the previous variants.

“Vaccination must be accelerated as an additional prevention measure to complement all other Covid-19 prevention measures through the procurement of more vaccines, strengthening static and outreach vaccination centres and expanding private sector involvement,” she said.

In the seven days between July 16 and July 22, 349 948 people were vaccinated, which translates to an average 50 000 jabs per day.

Epidemiologist Dr Chido Dziva-Chikwari said there was need to improve efficiency at vaccination centres and raise awareness.

“The herd immunity ideal is really far off at the moment. Not enough of the population has been vaccinated . . . The publishing of more nuanced data is lauded, as it could help demystify some aspects of the vaccine roll-out. Transparency is something that people who are hesitant would appreciate. If the data is transparent, people who have questions can see the numbers for themselves and make decisions based on evidence.”

Health and Child Care Deputy Minister Dr John Mangwiro told The Sunday Mail that a further one million vaccines will arrive in the country today.

“Indeed, an additional one million Covid-19 doses and three million syringes are arriving tomorrow (today).

“The vaccines will arrive at noon around 11.30am and the latest time is 12.00pm at the Robert Gabriel Mugabe International Airport,” he said.

As of Friday, the country had administered 1,4 million first doses and 671 155 second doses, bringing the total to 2 071 769.

The total doses administered so far are just over 10 percent of the planned 20 million doses needed to vaccinate a minimum of 10 million people to reach herd immunity.