‘Criminal Elements’ Around Morgan Tsvangirai Should Be Removed 

Source: ‘Criminal Elements’ Around Morgan Tsvangirai Should Be Removed | ZimEye

By Don Chigumba | Our main opposition MDC-T is heading for a political confusion, infiltration and or crisis. For Zimbabwe to grow, we need a strong opposition. This piece has two objective to achieve, the first task is to examine theories on the possible ‘elements’ surrounding and in control of Morgan Tsvangirai, is he now detained at MDC-T shrine within the Harvest House or under the military custody? The last objective of this piece is to urge the MDC-T supporters to move in before it is too late and remove ‘criminal elements’ around Morgan Tsvangirai.

In Zimbabwe, if you are a prominent ‘male person’ (sick or old), everyone including the ‘small-houses’ may want to take charge of you. They want to make sure that your wisdom, wealth and political support is taken before becoming a ‘living-timeless’. They use all methods including witchcraft to make sure that you go to heaven with nothing including your clothes, they will later put them in their museum for the public to pay money through entrance fees, even your toothbrush will not be allowed to go to the grave.

These prominent old-sick are in a serious problem if they die while with natural dreadlocks, these ‘elements’ will remove them and keep them in their museums too, they will go to heaven with a skin-head (zuda). These people are evil, if they were there when Judas Iscariot committed suicide, they would have taken all his personal belongs including his Bible to their museums for cash generating.

It started with prophet Mudzidzi Wimbo, up to now only God knows a person or group of people in charge of him. Some say he is under the control of G40 or lacoste. Others are saying his second wife or church elders are in charge of him at the shrine. Prophet Wimbo’s children are shading tears for the sake of their father every day, they need him back to his home, no response from the ‘elements’.

The next victim was our dearest old former president R.G. Mugabe, allegations were that his wife Grace put him in her handbag or G40’s shrine. Others said, the military or lacoste claimed to be in charge of the then oldest president on earth. When it became evident that Grace and G40 were in charge of R.G. Mugabe, soldiers took guns, forced their way into the ‘statehouse’ and removed ‘criminal elements’ around him. Up to date, only God knows and or possibly Satan too the whereabouts of the Hon. Jonathan Moyo, Hon. Katsukutsuviri and Hon. Zhuwao. Hon. Mandi Chimene is said to be on the run. Vakuru vakareva pavakati chaiseva chave kutemura, dzaiva nhungo dzave mbariro.

I can now smell the winds shifting to our dearest leader Morgan Tsvangirai. The political history of Zimbabwe cannot be complete without mentioning Morgan Tsvangirai, he is a brave fighter with a humble education background.  He is leading professors, doctors and deserves to be rewarded by all the citizens of Zimbabwe.

It is not clear on whether Tvangirai is now under the ‘ownership’ of his wife Elizabeth or the alleged MDC-T factions. Media reports are that, a ZANU PF crew is also interested in Tsvangirai ownership. There are also allegations that the pension of Tsvangirai is going to be released and the mansion will be given to him for life in return to ‘some unknown conditions’.

If media allegations are true, president Mnangagwa may make a blunder by silencing Tsvangirai because of his unquestionable pension and mansion. Tsvangirai doesn’t deserve to beg for such God given rights. No one is allowed to take advantage of the sick Tsvangirai, it is ‘unafrican’. I propose that, Tsvangirai should be given his rights without conditions. If there are ‘people’ with the intention of inheriting the mansion and the pension, God will slaughter them politically. Tsvangirai is a national figure just like Mandela and I therefore want to advise Tamborinyoka and Elizabeth to get advice from Mandela’s advisors.

Tsvangirai, Nkomo and Mugabe are our local gods, therefore, no one is allowed take advantage of their national contributions to Zimbabwe, they are for public benefit and not for selfish individuals’ greed. Tamborinyoka and Gutu are clashing day and night, it is embarrassing to Tsvangirai supporters.  Mudzuri and Chamisa should behave at this hour, I salute Hon. Khupe she has decided to be silent despite the fact that she is the only VP with people’s mandate. Keep it up Hon. Khupe we are proud of you.


To the MDC-T supporters, I urge them to rise up and go to the Harvest House and remove ‘criminal elements’ around Morgan Tsvangirai. All is not well at Harvest House and we cannot afford to lose such a great opposition outfit because of some ‘foolish criminal elements’. This can be done by calling for an urgent congress so that supporters can vote and elect their leaders and the issue of appointments, appointees and the alleged documents signed by few individuals should not be tolerated.

MDC-T supporters should behave mutually during this hour, they need serious prayers from all democratic forces and we cannot afford to lose the greatest opposition outfit of our time. The future of Zimbabwe is in MDC-T’s hands. The party should not be sold for the sake of pension or mansion which are unquestionable rights of Morgan Tsvangirai.

Don Chigumba is a Mixed Methods Researcher Based in South Africa


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    Kutama 4 years ago

    This may end with both history and historians respecting themselves? First Mugabe was surrounded by criminals and then Tsvangirai has been surrounded by criminals!! Wow. This is a wonderful fairy story where Mugabe was not the villain in any way – it was all the people around him!! We will need the No. 1 detective from Botswana to solve all these criminal activities and then Mc Caw Smith can write another thriller abut it. This is a very powerful Tokoloshe at work with some fascinating Black Magic?