Crossroads introduces music business certificate

Source: Crossroads introduces music business certificate – NewsDay Zimbabwe

Music Crossroads Zimbabwe director Melody Zambuko

MUSIC Crossroads Academy has upgraded its curriculum by introducing a certificate in Music Business to help artistes take a business approach towards music.

Music Crossroads Academy is resident in three countries Malawi (Lilongwe), Mozambique (Maputo) and Zimbabwe (Harare).

Music Crossroads Zimbabwe director Melody Zambuko told NewsDay Life & Style that registration to enrol for the programme is ongoing.

“The unique music business certificate is going to consist of a rich curriculum of contentious subject topics. Artistes should discover how to enterprise, earn and commercially improve their wealth portfolio,” she said.

“Some of the business topics the course is going to offer include: Introduction to the music industry, which introduces a layman to the industry and its value chain and every other stakeholder involved.

“Copyright law and intellectual property rights is also another pertinent matter most artistes feel is not getting much attention and unknowingly their consequent rights are being constantly infringed in the process.” She added:“The course will also teach artistes issues of contractual agreements with major recording stables or studios, shares and royalties which are remittances paid to a patentee for the use of a patent or to an author or composer for each copy of a book sold or for each public performance of a work are just but some of the issues the course is going to cover.

“In this internet age one does not have to wonder how modern music industry revenue streams work and resource mobilisation come around. Issues include resource mobilisation through crowdfunding, sync licensing, copyrights, grant writing, residencies, merchandising, branding, and exploring business models musicians can adopt.”

Zambuko said the course would also look at new platforms such as blockchain technology and new technology file system (NFTs).

“Social media is influencing business and has actually seen personalities make names for themselves through media uploads and various brand endorsements. This and more are covered in a marketing and publicity module,” she said.“This will typically focus on online marketing and advertising tools, audience building and engagement, websites and EPKs, social media management, data analytics, monitoring and evaluation, networking, niche marketing and majorly branding.”

Zambuko said women were encouraged to apply for the course which is unbundling various career options besides being the main lead or performer in a band setup.

“For those, who aspire to enrol into the course to become music business professionals, artistes managers, venue managers, music business experts or develop business skills, passion is the only requirement,” she said.