. . . cyanide poisoning scare rocks Bindura

Source: . . . cyanide poisoning scare rocks Bindura | The Herald September 19, 2019

Cletus Mushanawani Mash Central Bureau Chief
BLOODY clashes between Bindura residents and artisanal miners in some sections of the town this week forced the local authority to stop pumping water to all areas amid a cyanide poisoning scare.

In an interview yesterday, Bindura Municipality town clerk, Mr Shangwa Mavesera confirmed that they had stopped pumping water to all areas following reports that some mischievous elements had poisoned the town’s water supplies as a way of hitting back at residents who were flashing them out on Monday.

Illegal gold panners have been of late wreaking havoc in Chipadze area of Bindura resulting in residents teaming up this week to force them out of the area resulting in bloody clashes. Police had to intervene to restore order, especially on Monday night.

The local authority had to engage support services from Freda Rebecca Gold Mine lab technician to help in testing samples drawn from the source of the water (Mazowe River), the treatment plant as well as the reservoir.

No traces of cyanide were discovered from the two tests that were done.

The first test was done at 9.15pm and the last test was done at 12.15am and all results showed no traces of cyanide.

“There was a water poisoning scare that was doing rounds on the social media. After receiving the reports, we went on the ground to investigate. We stopped pumping water to all areas of the town as our investigations continued. We took three samples and the results showed there was no poisoning.

“We carried out other tests at the three points, the source of the water, reservoir and treatment plant,” said Mr Mavesera.

He said additional samples had since been sent to Government laboratories in Harare as well as the Environmental Management Agency for further analysis.