Cyanide scandal: Zacc nabs Chinese national

Source: Cyanide scandal: Zacc nabs Chinese national -Newsday Zimbabwe

Detectives from the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (Zacc) have arrested a Harare-based Chinese national accused on allegations of fraudulently importing large quantities of cyanide and keeping the toxic substance at unsafe sites.

Li Song was nabbed Wednesday afternoon as she came out of the Harare Magistrates Court where she was attending a different matter.


She was bundled into a Zacc vehicle and whisked away amid indications that she may be taken to court Thursday.

She also faces allegations of fraud, attempted murder, money laundering and externalising US$11 million after allegedly manipulating the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe’s foreign currency exchange system.

Li was recently summoned to appear in court on May 21 on the externalization and moneylaundering charge. The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe is the complainant in the matter.

The Chinese national is also facing allegations of attempting to kill her former business partner Franesco Marconati who is the owner of Eagle Italian Shoes and Leather company.