DDF rehabilitates Karoi-Binga Road

Source: DDF rehabilitates Karoi-Binga Road | The Herald April 27, 2019

DDF rehabilitates Karoi-Binga Road
DDF is working on tarring the 10-kilometre stretch from Chikavanenyama Secondary School in Hurungwe to Zvipane Business Centre

Elita Chikwati recently in Zvipane
The District Development Fund is upgrading the Karoi-Binga Road, which is expected to improve livelihoods of the people in Hurungwe, Zvipane and Binga, and promote tourism and business operations. The project is being financed by proceeds from the 2 percent intermediated money transfer tax. The project, which is expected to be done in two months, will reduce the distance between Harare and Victoria Falls by more than 200 kilometres.

DDF Mashonaland West director for roads, Mr Goodwell Mapako, said the 343-kilometre road constructed in the late 80s was supposed to have been completely tarred, but only 50 kilometres was done.

“The road passes through Zvipane to Siakobvu and links three provinces; Mashonaland West, Matabeleland North and Midlands,” he said. “It passes through Matusadonha National Park and if upgraded it will be the shortest route to Victoria Falls.

“By upgrading the road, Binga will become accessible, thereby promoting tourism. There are fisheries, the Bumi Hills, and many other attractions that draw visitors.”

Mr Mapako said so far, DDF was working on tarring the 10 kilometres stretch from Chikavanenyama Secondary School in Hurungwe to Zvipane Business Centre.

“We are not only working on the 10 kilometres, but also improving the whole road,” he said. “We are spot gravelling and reshaping the gravel road for the remaining 290 kilometres.”

The Hurungwe community hailed DDF efforts in rehabilitating roads, which they said will make life easier for them.
They said they were experiencing challenges when visiting hospitals to access medical treatment because of the poor roads.
Mr Simbarashe Mafukidze, of Village 24, applauded DDF for improving the livelihoods of people and also employing youths in the area.

“The renovated road will make life easier for us,” he said. “It has been difficult for us to travel as many transport operators shunned our road because of its state, while the few who ply the route charge exorbitant fares.

“Instead of paying $3, we are being charged between $10 and $12. Few transporters are willing to ply this route because of the bad state of the road.”

Mrs Vongai Dhiriza of Chiroti Village said it was expensive to ferry their tobacco to the auction floors as transporters charged them more due to the poor state of the road.