DDF repairs cyclone damage in Chikomba

Source: DDF repairs cyclone damage in Chikomba | The Herald April 12, 2019

DDF repairs cyclone damage in Chikomba

Elita Chikwati in Chikomba
Government, through the District Development Fund’s public works division, is rehabilitating infrastructure that was destroyed by Cyclone Idai in Chikomba, Mashonaland East, to bring normalcy to the affected areas. DDF is rehabilitating 22 damaged roads, several bridges, schools and clinics in the area.

The organisation is also attending to damaged water and sanitation infrastructure such as boreholes, dams and toilets.

In an interview after touring some of the projects in Chikomba, DDF Mashonaland East provincial co-ordinator Mr Mudzingwa Mudzingwa said Chikomba was hard-hit by Cyclone Idai and this had affected the lives and livelihoods of the community.

“We are rehabilitating 602 kilometres of roads affected by the cyclone at an estimated cost of around RTGS $500 000, clinics and schools affected by the phenomenon,” he said. “We are also flushing toilets and boreholes that had flooded during the cyclone.

“Some of the boreholes have been contaminated and need to be flushed.”

DDF also assisted in the distribution of donated goods to Chikomba district on behalf of the Civil Protection Unit.

Mr Mudzingwa said besides repairing infrastructure destroyed by the cyclone, the parastatal had also partnered with the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education to refurbish dilapidated schools in the district.

DDF is assisting the local community in the construction of a new Mutevere Primary School, as the old one which is 86 years old had become a threat to the lives of the pupils as the classrooms could collapse anytime.

Most parents in Chikomba had transferred their children to better schools, but these were far away.

DDF has also assisted in the construction of Chisarasara Primary School in Seke and Dhirihori multi compartment science blocks in Svosve.

Mutevere SDC chairman, Mr Charles Mukucha, said although most parents had transferred their children to other schools, there was a challenge during the rain season as the pupils would not be able to cross flooded rivers.

“DDF has come with the intervention at the opportune time,” he said. “It had become risky for our children to learn at Mutevere Primary School as the aged classrooms could collapse any day.”

Daramombe Mission headmaster, Mr Kennedy Manzonza, applauded DDF for constructing Daramombe Bridge and said this will not only bring relief to schoolchildren, but the community as a whole.

“Most people have not been accessing health services at the mission because there was no bridge and could not cross the river,” he said. Chief Kareya (Mr Onias Muchenje) applauded Government and DDF for assisting victims of Cyclone Idai.

“Cyclone Idai has wreaked havoc in Chikomba, destroying water points and roads,” he said. “DDF was quick to repair the boreholes to ensure communities get clean water. We are now safe from cholera.”