Diamonds: we STILL need to know

Repeated via The Editor – The Zimbabwean

If it is true that $2 billion worth of gems extracted from the Chiadzwa diamond fields in recent years cannot be traced, and if what Manicaland Provincial Minister Christopher Mushohwe said about the abject poverty still dogging Marange villagers fails to spur a new thinking about the shenanigans in the nascent diamond industry, it is high time someone is called to account.



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    Akamboti 2 billion worth of diamonds ndianiko…

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    Chivulamapoti 9 years ago

    I was asked by Robert Gabriel Mugarbage to clandestinely transport them to The Royal Bank of China. Here’s what happened.
    Moyo (the coverup) and Chidakwa (the Enabler) met me with a satchel weighing 32 lbs, (32 lbs x 2,267.96185 carats per pound) or 72,576 carats on this trip. Even the inferior quality of these uncut diamonds, the stash was still worth
    UDS108,800,000 or 元657,800,000.
    I was driven in an ordinary taxi to Harare International Airport and immediately to a Comac C819 Jet. We were soon in the air for our non-stop 6,667 mile flight. I was accompanied by Security and Bona, who was going back to University and the luxury Mugarbage mansion in the New Territories. We flew 13 hours 49 minutes before arriving and were whisked away to the ‘Bank’. The Bank Managers took delivery and I got a receipt and went to the Hyatt Mandarin for the night. I returned to Harare the next day, ready for another of my monthly ‘Chiadzwa Diamond’ runs to The Royal Kong Kong Bank, a Rothschild Holding yet!
    $108.8 million x 12 = 1,296,000,000,000 ($1.296 billion a year x 4 years = $4.8 billion. Not bad eh! That’s only a quarter of what is missing!

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    You forgot to mention zims ambassador to japan. The last white man standing. Mugabeland discreet money laundered with diplomatic impunity or immunity. Dig deep ( excuse the pun/pan ) if you still wanna know!!!!

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    Chamutengure 9 years ago

    Where are you getting all this rubbish you bloody nonsense?