Diasporan raises US$16k for Luveve

Source: Diasporan raises US$16k for Luveve | The Sunday News

Diasporan raises US$16k for Luveve

Ngqwele Dube, Sunday News Correpondent
A Zimbabwean citizen based in the United States of America has raised more than US$$16 000 that will go towards the drilling of a borehole to alleviate water challenges following a diarrhoea outbreak in Luveve, Bulawayo.

Thirteen people reportedly died during the outbreak that infected more than 1 000 people early this year. Mr Innocent Hadebe, who grew up in the suburb said he raised the funds through a GoFundMe campaign and while he had no clear intention on the use of the funds, consultations with the community later revealed a borehole would be ideal in the short-term.

Through working with the local leadership, he managed to secure a spot to drill the borehole and also to set up nutritional gardens for residents in Luveve from the Bulawayo City Council. He said they had engaged a company to do a survey and it revealed there is capacity to draw 2 000 litres an hour.

“I was touched by the situation despite the fact I am in America, I felt compelled to assist in alleviating the diarrhoea outbreak and the least I could do was raise funds and after consultations, residents indicated a borehole would be ideal. We have whittled down the list of potential drilling companies to three.

“Our system will be solar-driven and we are setting up a water tank that will be used to store the water. Residents requested we set up a garden for them but water from the borehole will be available to all residents free of charge,” said Mr Hadebe, who added that he worked with Ward 15 councillor Febbie Msipa and Luveve Member of Parliament Ms Stella Ndlovu.

Bulawayo is facing serious water challenges that have seen only a few suburbs across the city receiving tap water once a week.

Luveve Residents Association chairman Mr Ndaba Ngoma said he has been working closely with the council’s Town Planning Department in the setting up of the borehole.