Do your job, do it well, says Matanga

Do your job, do it well, says Matanga

Source: Do your job, do it well, says Matanga | The Herald August 14, 2018

Herald Reporter
Police Commissioner-General Godwin Matanga has challenged officers to continue working hard as part of efforts to gain public trust and confidence countrywide.

He said senior officers should motivate their subordinates to connect and interact with the communities they police.

Comm-Gen Matanga said this while addressing newly-promoted senior officers in Harare last week.

“We all have an enormous task of scoring higher in the area of public trust and confidence,” he said. “Our relationship with the community, business, the schools, the religious institutions and the entire fabric of our nation should always be strengthened.

“We can only achieve this if we motivate our subordinates to work hard, connect and interact with the communities we police.”

Comm-Gen Matanga said officers needed to heighten the supervision of police operations and deployments, coming up with robust strategies and constantly evaluating their efficacy, with a view to improve.

“Not only that, you also need to cherish the importance of effective communication in large organisations such as ours,” he said. “In this regard, I expect you to communicate on all issues; including those that stand in the way for us to effectively discharge our constitutional mandate.

“This should be done via the usual channels and if need be, straight to my office through my deputies. This organisation belongs to all of us and no one should be a stumbling block to excellent policing ideas. Always remember that the ZRP does not harbour silos of wisdom, but rather nurture unity and cross pollination of ideas and best practices.”

Comm-Gen Matanga reiterated that promotion comes with greater responsibility and urged them to put the nation before themselves and to raise the country’s flag high.