Drug addict (20) banished from home

Source: Drug addict (20) banished from home –Newsday Zimbabwe

A 20-YEAR-OLD man has been banned from his grandmother’s home for abusing drugs.

Munashe Chitima appeared before Harare magistrate Sharon Mashavira together with his paternal grandmother, Mukai Chitima.

Mukai told the court that Munashe was part of a gang known for abusing drugs and stealing in Highfield high-density suburb in Harare.

“He takes mutoriro (crystal meth) and starts insulting me at my own house,” said Mukai.

She pleaded with the court to bar him from going back to her house.

“He has disowned me saying I am a witch. He stole my cooler box, shovel and many other things. I want him to go away and live on his own,” she submitted while in tears.

Mukai further submitted that her grandson was also bringing in sex workers into the house.

“I am a widow. I lost my husband in June and Munashe comes home with prostitutes and they start making noise, yet I am still mourning,”

Chitima pleaded with the court to be given a last chance to live with his grandmother.

“I stopped taking mutoriro a long time ago. I only take bronco (Bron Cleer cough syrup) once in a while,” he said.

“I have nowhere to go. My grandmother misunderstands me and that is how we end up having disagreements,” he said.

Mashavira turned down his application.