ED tells off western countries

Source: ED tells off western countries – DailyNews

By Pepertua Rojasi

PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa yesterday savaged western countries for allegedly derailing the development of the country and that of Africa at large.

Speaking at the ground-breaking ceremony of the Museum of African Liberation in Warren Park, Harare, Mnangagwa said it was high time for African countries to unite and defend themselves against western powers.

“To this day, our quest to the unhindered right to access and utilise our natural resources continues being hampered. In the case of Zimbabwe, sanctions constrain the realisation of our full socioeconomic potential.

“In the case of other countries on our continent, detractors continue to fund and fuel divisions so that while we fight, the pilferage and looting of our resources goes unchecked. Learning from our history and past, the time has come for us to deliberately and more consciously defend our interests as the people of Africa,” Mnangagwa said.

He said Africa must remain vigilant and unite against western countries which still see Africa as a dark continent. “Let us never give in to the cunning machinations of neo-colonial forces in whatever guise. “We are wiser now; we are people with an identity, a continent with an ideology, rich history, culture, natural endowments and scientific thinking. We are not mediocre. Our future is bright; we are a continent on the rise.

“Through this continental project, let us put to rest the one -sided Euro-centric narratives which have been perpetuated in the public space for too long. We are marching together, bonded by the ideals of pan-Africanism, Ubuntu and African renaissance, through the documentation, protection, preservation and promotion of our rich
liberation legacy,” he added.

The museum is expected to capture “authentic and legitimate” liberation war story of Zimbabwe by “Africans and
for African children.” In an unrelated issue, Mnangagwa yesterday urged industry to use modern technology to increase production.

Speaking during the tour of the Pretoria Portland Cement (PPC) manufacturing plant in Harare, Mnangagwa expressed gratitude to the company for showing confidence by investing in the country as well as deploying more efficient and environmentally friendly technologies.

“As enunciated in the Transitional Stabilisation Programme and the National Development Strategy 1 (NDS 1), infrastructure development is one of the critical enablers in the modernisation, industrialisation and provision of social services for economic growth.

“The anticipated massive growth of roads, dam and housing construction projects entail that our cement production, which is an indispensable ingredient in infrastructure development, expands in tandem with the projected demand.

“Leveraging on the prevailing macro-stability, I encourage the industry to increase production and productivity through innovation, research and development” said Mnangagwa.

This comes as the NDS1 is expected to prioritise on the continuity of macro-stability and inclusive, rapid growth whilst enhancing the role of the private sector including small and medium-sized enterprises as the engine for growth and job creation.


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    Dr Ace Mukadota PhD 10 months ago

    ED lecturing western countries. ED should not bite the hand that feeds him and his beggar primitive government comrades.

    • comment-avatar
      Tichaona Maworera 10 months ago

      People like you sir, have no place in Afrika. If you still desire to be subservient to western ers, go and live there. Shameless mental slave.

      • comment-avatar
        Ndebele 10 months ago

        Yes. Zimbabwe is truly blessed with a wholesale murderer and architect of the Gukuruhundi genocides as its President Mr. Maworera. It has to be the best government of the world and ED is the born again Mbuuya Nehanda. At least Muya Nehanda was not as ugly as the current born again Mbuya Nehanda? Hopefully this Mbuya Nehanda will find Covid 19 in the near future and be replaced by a prettier one? If there is to be a dynasty of Mbuya Nehandas – we may as well choose some sexy Mbuya Nehandas from now on?

      • comment-avatar
        Fallenz 10 months ago

        Then you, “sir”, need to explain just how desiring justice and voicing opposition to disappearances, terrorizing citizens, murder, theft of national resources, externalizing all the forex that once circulated among the people and provided stability, destruction of the infrastructure, violent destruction of the agricultural sector, and genocide is being “sub servant” to those of the west.  You made the accusation, now step up and provide the explanation.  We are waiting. 

      • comment-avatar
        Ndonga 10 months ago

        Tichaona just because we are from Africa does not mean that we must not, or cannot, shame our leaders who have lost their way.
        Or those that never even searched for a way because they were too busy enriching themselves at our expense.
        Zimbabwe after all our suffering should by now be a contented and prosperous country, but it is not.
        Some of us have been forced by dire circumstances at home to seek our fortunes elsewhere.
        This does not mean that we are “shameless mental slaves” or have “no place in Africa”.
        We will always have a place in Africa where our hearts are.
        And always be willing and brave enough to talk truth to our leaders when this is needed.

      • comment-avatar

        You sir, are a prime nincompoop. The sanctions are not on the country, but on the corrupt that are running the country. If it was not for the Western countries giving aid – due to the wholesale theft of the countries resources and monies by the corrupt leadership and their hangers on – Zimbabwe would be in a worse position than it is now.

        Corruption has destroyed this country since Independence – from a currency that was stronger than the USD and equal to the GBP, with an agricultural sector that was the BREADBASKET of Africa, infrastructure that was the envy of Africa (even South AFrica), and a large part of the Southern Hemisphere, a nation that was highly educated – Corruption and the absolute greed of the Mugabes / Mnangagawa’s / Ganimimbe’s / and the rest.

        as Mik says, more sanctions – on the leadership and their hangers on. Prevent them from travelling to Europe (home of the “hated” Western Imperial Masters, travelling to Asia for shopping trips to spend their ill gotten wealth.

        The one thing we can say about the colonial government, they developed the country – built hospitals (not one new one since independence), railway lines (not expanded since independence), schools (quality has dropped since independence) – What has the Zimbabwe government done? Built Hero’s Acre, and statues of themselves, liberation museum (harping on the past and not looking to the future!!!).

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    More sanctions please!!

  • comment-avatar
    citizen 10 months ago

    ‘Patriotism’ the last refuge of a scoundrel.

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    ED you and your ilk should be had for treason for stealing the country’s wealth for yourself and your Zanu PF sycophants. Zimbabwe should be flourishing but it’s you and your fellow Zanoids that have captured the state. Look in the mirror you idiot