ED to commission Masvingo shrine

Source: ED to commission Masvingo shrine –Newsday Zimbabwe

PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa will tomorrow officially commission the Kamungoma Liberation War Shrine in Gutu district, Masvingo province.

In a statement yesterday, Home Affairs and Cultural Heritage ministry said the commissioning was a way of remembering the sacrifices made by Comrade  Double Killer and 104 civilians who were brutally massacred on March 14, 1978


The Kamungoma Massacre was one of the most brutal attacks perpetrated by the settler government led by Ian Smith on civilians in Rhodesia that attracted international condemnation.

“Kamungoma Liberation War Shrine is a reminder of the painful experiences and sacrifices the country travelled and made in its quest for self-determination.

“On this fateful day, 14 March 1978, Comrade Double Killer and 104 unarmed civilians were brutally massacred by the racist Smith regime during a night vigil,” the ministry statement read.

The Kamungoma Shrine was immortalised through National Museums and Monument of Zimbabwe and the local community to celebrate and honour the heroes and heroines who were killed during the period.

The commissioning of the Kamungoma Shrine comes days after Mnangagwa commissioned Pupu War Memorial where King Lobengula’s regiment led by General Mtshana Khumalo defeated the Allan Wilson Patrol at the Battle of Pupu on December 4, 1893.