ED, Tsvangirai meeting could change Zim 

ED, Tsvangirai meeting could change Zim 

Source: ED, Tsvangirai meeting could change Zim – The Standard January 7, 2018

President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s move to visit MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai who is facing health challenges must be hailed by all right thinking citizens.

There are all sorts of readings that have been proffered by people from various schools of thought over the visit, but whatever whoever may want to see in the president’s action, the fact remains that the Mnangagwa has shown good national leadership.

Mnangagwa and Tsvangirai have interacted at various levels and worked together over long periods of time and it is also said they are related in some way. What kind of a conscience would make one live peacefully knowing fully well that a colleague and relative is struggling with their health and they do not care? True, the move may have political inferences, positive or negative for the two politicians but that aside, the human heart comes first.

And again, besides this call of human kindness, the visit which culminated in about an hour of private talks may have yielded much bigger political and economic positives for Zimbabwe that no other attempt at dialogue may have produced in decades.

Official political negotiations are often marred by egocentric targets and the need to outfox the other more than the need to produce the publicly declared intentions to bring peace between competing parties. But the Friday meeting and subsequent business discussion between Mnangagwa and Tsvangirai were, according to officials from both parties, cordial, sincere and fruitful.

The two men are said to have embraced and discussed and empathised “like brothers”. Vice-president of MDC-T Nelson Chamisa was later quoted as saying: “This is the new politics we want to see, the politics of peace, the politics of working together, the politics of feeling for one another. This is the direction and we hope it is the kind of talk that will be walked and talk that will be sustained. Going forward, we want this to be cascaded to the communities so that as we go into elections, people don’t fight each other, especially when their leaders are able to sit down and converse like this.”

Such benevolent action coming from Zanu PF’s top leader and such statements coming from Tsvangirai’s deputy should give Zimbabwe the much-needed lift to the spirit. We may, after ages of bloody politics and economic ruin, be moving towards a totally different era and it calls on all Zimbabweans to encourage this spirit of oneness.

It is not impossible to have political opponents who respect each other — love each other even. Political diversity should not be allowed to translate into hostility and divergent political views should not be made to mean animosity.

Zimbabwe should encourage the spirit exuded on Friday by our politicians and violent tendencies should be discouraged by punishing perpetrators whoever they may be. Tolerance brings peace and that should be the gospel that political leaders should be preaching.


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    Jonsina 6 months

    A good article. Empathy, sympathy, humbleness and love,hey, let me not tell you what these are like to me…All of us will one way or the other be in MT’s condition.Chamisa says its an omen for good things to come. I wish so but politics are becoming a hate filled contest even in materially highly developed nations. Let’s agree as Zimbabweans, guys, that anyone who talks or writes bad about our liberation war and vets and our culture be censored as promoting “extremism, hate speech and blackophobia”.

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      Joseph 6 months

      Jonsina that is true, politics can not be used as a weapon to commit crimes against humanity. By visiting comrade Tsvangirai Honorable President comrade Mnangangwa demonstrated empathy and brotherly love, that is who we are Zimbabweans, people of love. I am proud to be a Zimbabwean, Zimbabweans demonstrated hatred of violence during the short period of military intervention and I strongly believe that, that is the way we are. Even during eviction of commercial farmers majority of Zimbabweans were totally against that move to evict commercial farmers, including war veterans. Unfortunately few participated and tarnished the image of the whole nation. In the spirit of love and unity I whole heatedly salute you my brothers and sisters in Zimbabwean and let us allow that spirit of love and unity to continue flourishing even during these times of economic turmoils. I also believe that comrade President Mnangangwa with his attitude of tolerance is the leader of all Zimbabweans irrespective of skin colour, religious background, status quo in society and by the grace of God we wish healing to comrade Tsvangirai and wish the best for Honourable President Mnangangwa, hopefully will remain with that spirit to embrace love and harmony, and to be a man of his words.

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    george 6 months

    This is a first for the President. Carry on.