Editorial Comment: Diaspora passport move makes economic sense 

Source: Editorial Comment: Diaspora passport move makes economic sense | The Herald 11 DEC, 2019

Editorial Comment: Diaspora passport move makes economic sense

Government on Monday announced that it will increase passport fees for those in the Diaspora.
The decision, which is yet to be fully understood by some, is expected to make life easier for both the issuer (the Government) and applicants.

It will allow remote applications for renewals, which eliminates the need to travel back home to get travel documents updated.
The nation saw the challenges faced by Zimbabwean professional footballer Teenage Hadebe as he sought to have his passport renewed.

Hadebe’s situation, which obviously got prominence because of his popularity, is a reality many foreign-based Zimbabweans have had to face.

Sadly, not many people live to tell their stories after they miss out on academic, professional and personal opportunities after they fail to get their travel documents on time.

The Government has come up with a solution to make life easier for Zimbabweans in the Diaspora.
Under the new scheme, all one needs to do is visit any Zimbabwean embassy across the world and pay the gazetted amount.
The paperwork will then be sent to Zimbabwe through what is known as the diplomatic bag, a legally protected container with correspondence between an embassy and its home Government.

Once processed, the papers are then sent back to the embassy. This simple process will eliminate travelling costs
Although the cost of passport renewals will be viewed as high by some, the cost of flying back home is nowhere near the US$318 which the Government authorised the Passport Office to charge.

For example, a return air ticket from London to Harare costs close to US$2 000. All that is money will be saved through making an embassy application.

The Government has to be commended for responding to calls from people in the Diaspora. The embassy applications will generate foreign currency, which is crucial in passport production.

We believe the relief should now be extended to local applicants who constitute the bulk of the 370 000 applications that the Registrar-General’s Office is yet to process.

Although the Government may not be able to clear the passport backlog by producing 100 000 copies by December as earlier promised, it can reduce the numbers significantly by increasing the current price of $53 in line with regional prices to ensure viability.

Passport fee increase is inevitable. The new fees will enable the Registrar-General’s Office to clear the existing backlog, while ensuring that the office is able to pay for imported material regularly.

An increase in the fees will result in the rapid processing of applications since materials used to make passports are all imported and expensive as Government officials have often said.

Although the Government has on several occasions said it will not increase passport application fees, the current charge makes it uneconomically viable and practically impossible to continue producing the travel document, if all costs are factored in.
South Africa charges R400, Botswana P1 260, Zambia US$100 and DRC a whopping US$185.

These charges are calculated to meet production costs.


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    Mapingu 3 years ago

    “…South Africa charges R400, Botswana P1 260, Zambia US$100 and DRC a whopping US$185.

    These charges are calculated to meet production costs.”

    The author(s) of this articles is/are brain-dead idiots. Anyway nothing better can be expected from some dull clownish employee of Herald.
    The guy is busy singing praises to zanu pf government for engaging in yet another daylight robbery of hard-working citizens. The idiot dooesnt really see that their is nothing good when these zanu pf thieves demand $318 (~R5000.00) for a passport. The diot even refers to $185 (~R3000.00) for DRC as “a whopping…”. Yet thinks $318 demanded by zanu pf thieves is not “whopping”. So, in this Herald idiot’s mind suddenly $185 has become bigger than $318 hee? The idiot goes on to talk of air fares bula, bula,… . What has that to do with the cost of a passport really? Majority of us in diaspora are in neighbouring countries and more than happy to catch a bus and process our passports in Hre. We have always done so and is not a problem. So, if the whopping $318 is anything about applying at embassies why don’t they put another price for those who will present themselves at Hre offices??? Why could I have to pay for embassy costs if Im not using that embassy route?? Are we being told that it is now mandatory for us to use the embassies even if i want to do it by myself in Hre?

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    Makaranga 3 years ago

    Zanu can get stuffed. We will not pay for the bullets to shoot innocent people in the diamond fields and push their genocide agenda to starve 7 million people into submission.

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    It’s more theft, all the money will be stolen. The herald writers are too stupid to see how ignorant their articles are. Embarrassing.

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    GoRobin 3 years ago

    It’s your Dictatorship that is demanding this money. There is NO government. Just learn to love your Dictatorship and do as they demand.