Education must fulfil human needs: Prof Murwira

Source: The Herald – Breaking news.

Education must fulfil human needs: Prof Murwira 
Professor Amon Murwira

Gloria Muruva Herald Correspondent

ZIMBABWE’s education system must stop chasing intangibles and instead chase reality grounded in the fulfilment of human needs, Higher and Tertiary Education, Innovation, Science and Technology Development Minister, Professor Amon Murwira, said yesterday.

Speaking during a symposium on the mitigation of power and energy vandalism at the University of Zimbabwe in Harare, Prof Murwira said all formulas and knowledge taught must be grounded to reality and be seen in action.

“Faculties without human needs, that is food, water, connections, sleep and innovation, have to be dissolved as there is now Education 5.0 that focuses on ‘from idea to industry.”

Prof Murwira said Zimbabwe aimed to make itself strong, self-sustaining and perpetual through systems or pillars that sustained, dignified and made a nation different.

There were three pillars: knowledge, skills and industry. It was in the academic sphere where knowledge and skills were developed so they produced in industry, said Prof Murwira.

“Industry provides our needs by mass production. And the Government sets the policy environment that is conducive to the idea and skills generation and that is also conducive to mass production,” he said.

UZ Vice Chancellor Professor Paul Mapfumo said the university was proud to take leadership in solving the nation’s challenges.

“We have taken heed of the Government of Zimbabwe’s call for universities to play a critical role in tackling real-national problems through the generation of knowledge and the development of innovations and new technologies, anchored on science.”

Prof Mapfumo was particularly encouraged by the potential of forensic security systems that offered a powerful deterrent against vandalism through making it easier to trace stolen materials such as copper wires and identify culprits. Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission and Distribution Company (ZETDC) managing director Engineer Abel Gurupira said innovation was key to combating vandalism.

“Innovation not only empowers us to devise new technologies and methodologies to safeguard our infrastructure, but also enables us to cultivate a culture of vigilance and resilience within our communities. Innovation lies at the heart of ZETDC’s strategy to combat vandalism,” he said.

Eng Gurupira said traditional methods alone were insufficient to address the evolving tactics of perpetrators, hence ZETDC was embracing cutting edge technologies and novel approaches to enhancing the security of its assets and infrastructure.