Electorate misunderstood me: Dube 

Electorate misunderstood me: Dube 

Source: Electorate misunderstood me: Dube – NewsDay Zimbabwe May 23, 2018

FORMER War Veterans minister Tshinga Dube (pictured) has blamed his previous election defeats in Makokoba constituency to being misunderstood by the electorate.



The Makokoba legislator, however, expressed confidence in retaining the constituency in the upcoming polls.

Dube lost the Makokoba constituency in 2008 and 2013 despite a heavy election campaign that saw him even hosting a music gala at Stanley Square.

At one time, the Makokoba legislator contemplated quitting politics after losing the 2013 elections to the MDC-T, only to bounce back through a 2015 by-election boycotted by the opposition.

“I have a done a lot for the constituency, but I would like to think the reason why I was losing is because I was being misunderstood by the electorate,” Dube said.
“I am almost 99% confident of winning the seat. I trust the people that they will not let me down this time around. When you work well with people we should learn to trust each other.

“MDC has been in charge here for about 15 years, but they have done nothing, so the people have now realised that this is false belief. They now know that we are the game changer in town.”

On Saturday, he also donated tonnes of maize to the needy and orphans.

Dube added: “I have been giving the people of Makokoba even those outside the constituency way before I became a Member of Parliament.
“This is how I was brought up to give and give as long as I have the capacity to do so. Besides, I don’t segregate anyone on political grounds, I just give everyone.”