Electricity bills to be scrapped in Zimbabwe

The Zanu-PF Government will be seized with improving the quality of life of ordinary citizens throughout the country, Vice-President Joice Mujuru has said.

VP Mujuru gave assurances at a fundraising dinner for the Simon Chimbetu Primary School in Harare on Wednesday that her party, which won convincingly the just-ended poll, would create suitable conditions for those who want to prosper and earn a higher standard of living.

Electricity bills to be scrapped: VP Mujuru | The Herald

Electricity bills to be scrapped according to VP Mujuru

“The people’s desire for a better life is what we shall fight for. We are going to create jobs and conditions which will enrich people for good and with a traceable record. If you don’t make money in the next five years, then it will be your own shortcomings,” she said.

She said Zanu-PF would strive to fulfil promises it made to the people in the run-up to the July 31 harmonised elections in which it emerged triumphant.

“Zimbabweans want to live a better life and I can assure you that we are going to create conducive conditions to help them realise that dream,” VP Mujuru said.

The VP allayed fears that the government will re-introduce the Zim dollar immediately.

“If you look at the Zanu-PF manifesto, it is clearly spelt out that the return of the local currency will be done at a later time.

“This time we want people to have real jobs and not resort to thieving,” she said.

VP Mujuru castigated people who were peddling falsehoods to trigger pessimism and ferment despondency after Zanu-PF effectively neutralised its main rival MDC-T by wining the harmonised election.

She said there was no turning back on the slashing of rates for struggling residents as promised by President Mugabe last month.

“Do not enjoy inflicting pain to those who experienced pain before because we have not had time to relax since the country attained independence,” she said.

“Some say the scrapping of debts which was mentioned before the polls was a lie, but be rest assured that even those who did not vote for Zanu-PF are going to have their bills slashed. We do not want a country that is famed for gossiping and saying things which portray the country negatively.”

VP Mujuru said that electricity bills would also be scrapped.

“Nyika ino hatisati tanyatsowana kudekara since Independence. Ndozviri kutamburirwa navaMugabe. Musanyare zvenyu kuti muno muHarare hamuna kunyatsoitwa zvakanaka zveZanu-PF aiwa. Tiri kungokudai zvakadaro. Kana zvatinogadzira izvozvo, nyangwe nemagetsi acho nemunhu wacho asina kuvhotera Zanu-PF anongobvisirwa futi magetsi acho iwayo, nemvura yacho zvakadaro nokuti ndiyo Zimbabwe yacho.

“Ndokunaka kwacho,” she said.

She urged Zimbabweans to stand firm and remain positive in the wake of rumours doing rounds on fuel hikes and unfounded statements about the return of the Zim dollar and reintroduction of the South African visas for Zimbabweans. She thanked Zimbabweans for voting overwhelmingly for Zanu-PF and for entrusting their future under the leadership of the President, a revered leader with worldwide acclaim.

“We have not had enough time to thank everyone and we will thank everyone in the best possible way we can. Chimbetu’s party won elections and this victory is dedicated to heroes who died before and after him.

“As parents we expect future generations to continue with legacies we leave,” she said.

VP Mujuru hailed the Chimbetu family for establishing the Simon Chimbetu School in Chegutu to promote the country’s education system. She said the establishment of the school was in line with Government’s desire to continuously improve the education sector for the benefit of future generations.

August 9, 2013  | The Herald

via Electricity bills to be scrapped: VP Mujuru | The Herald.


  • comment-avatar
    rmunemo 11 years ago

    meaning more load shedding and tarrif increases

  • comment-avatar
    Chitova weGona 11 years ago

    So those working at zesa wl be paid from diamond money? yatotanga kumisfire Zanu!

    • comment-avatar
      Richard Flynn 11 years ago

      The only “convincing” part of these elections was how ZANU (the “Z” stands for “zhing-zhong) have cornered the market in cheating and lies.

      As for “improving the quality of life for ordinary citizens” – well, maybe they should have thought of that 30 years ago? Then it would be a done deal, already?

  • comment-avatar
    peter faux 11 years ago

    the equation is simple no Electricity Bills as there won’t be any electricity

  • comment-avatar
    Pasipoti 11 years ago

    That includes their own voluptuos bills that were swept under the carpet?

  • comment-avatar
    Pablo 11 years ago

    How are you going to also reward those who are up to date on their bills?

  • comment-avatar
    TRINOS 11 years ago

    Best business in Zimbabwe from now on will be to sell Generators-but alas !!! where will the fuel for these Generators come from ? maybe from JATROFA or from that Mountain where Ministers once removed shoes to welcome the great gift from the gods(small g for gods)

  • comment-avatar
    Hondp 11 years ago

    These pple take us for granted, its them who have big bills coz ndivo vane farms and businesses.kana isu povo tine ekudusa,zvikwereti hatina.ivo vane mapost paid meters,havana kuchinjirwa nezesA NEKUTI MAshefu.hakunA mumhu angagare muhArare mahara,pane anobhadhara chete.kune loadsheding kumberi.makambani needs to pay workers.kumusha kuchauya mutown nekuda kwedu zvemahara.zanu chiworo.
    KAna vachoda vanhu ngavatore mari yengoda vabhadhare kukanzuru nekuzesa.
    Tichadyawo muto wayo nyika riini.

  • comment-avatar
    TRINOS 11 years ago

    Hee,MDC, MDC, Tswangirai, what is that ? If BIG people like the once Giant of Zimbabwe and Africa General Josh Mqabuko Nkomo fell to Zanu manipulations and bulldozers what more of this little Morgan.Zanu ndeyeropa, be careful! Itis now a PERFECT MACHINE.Elections rigged or not rigged, so what? Shout from the top of any mountain(UK,USA,CANADA OR HARVEST HOUSE or Courts,after all we control the Courts) only baboons and wild birds will hear you-and obviously do nothing. We in Zanu have Title Deeds to Zimbabwe,earned through the barel of the Gun, i repeat, through the barrel of the gun.
    Asijiki, because if we throw, it will be lost or stolen but we hold it firm and firm forever.

  • comment-avatar
    MikShe 11 years ago

    In other words, carry on dreaming of a better life for at least another five years.

  • comment-avatar
    chipinge 11 years ago

    thax very much our Acting president we ar with u forever.

  • comment-avatar
    Makanaka 11 years ago

    Our God is an awaresome God, He reigns from heavens above. In other words why worry Zimbabweans nguva ndeya Mwari.

  • comment-avatar
    Macon Pane 11 years ago

    No bills. More government jobs. More free cars for judges. More free farms for Ministers. More money in Swiss banks. More Chinese. Free money for everyone. Utopia! Now to employ fantasy economics to pay for it all………