‘Eliminate sexual harassment in workplaces’ 

Source: ‘Eliminate sexual harassment in workplaces’ – NewsDay Zimbabwe


THE International Labour Organisation (ILO) yesterday called on corporates to eliminate sexual harassment and gender-based violence (GBV) at workplaces.

This was said by ILO director for Zimbabwe and Namibia, Holopane Phororo, during an ILO event in Harare on sexual harassment at workplaces held in partnership with the United

Phororo said GBV at workplaces was taking many forms, including harassment, adding that most workers, male or female, were afraid to report the cases due to fear of victimisation.

“When we talk about harassment, people tend to think that only women are the victims, but men are also victims of sexual harassment and gender-based violence at work,” she said.

“There are many forms of harassment at work, ranging from sexual, verbal, physical, financial and emotional and some people fail to report these cases because of fear of losing their jobs.”

Phororo said GBV often affected young employees.

“GBV mostly affects young workers who think it is culturally acceptable to be harassed, and does not merit reporting because of lack of witnesses,” she said

Phororo said workers needed to be educated about GBV.