Envoys call for removal of sanctions

Source: Envoys call for removal of sanctions | The Herald 25 OCT, 2019

Envoys call for removal of sanctionsMphakama Mbete

Joseph Madzimure Senior Reporter

Ambassadors accredited to Zimbabwe have called for the removal of illegal sanctions and confirmed their participation in today’s anti-sanctions campaign. Diplomats who spoke to The Herald yesterday said the sanctions were hurting ordinary Zimbabweans, and were not targeted as claimed.

Turkish Ambassador to Zimbabwe Mr Hakan Kivanç likened sanctions on Zimbabwe to the embargo imposed on his country by the United States.

“We are also facing the same scenario due to the war in Syria.

“America is taking the side of the rebels fighting the Syrian government,” he said. “Sanctions are not impressing.”

US President Donald Trump yesterday announced that Turkey had committed to stopping combat operations in northern Syria, prompting the United States to lift recent sanctions it imposed on Turkish imports in response to the campaign.

Zambian Ambassador to Zimbabwe Emmanuel Tawana Chenda said his country will fully participate in the anti-sanctions campaign scheduled for today to ensure the embargo is removed for the betterment of the general populace and the region.

Ambassador Chenda said sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe were illegal, hence must go.

“We will fully participate at tomorrow’s event. Sanctions are not only affecting Zimbabwe, but also the SADC countries and Africa at large since we trade with each other.

“The problems affecting Zimbabwe will definitely affect the whole region, especially our country. Zimbabwe is Zambia’s close trading partner because of the relationship between the two countries,” he said.

South African Ambassador to Zimbabwe Mphakama Mbete said sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe are affecting the SADC region, hence the need to denounce the illegal embargo.

“Zimbabwe is our trade partner, so we are going to participate today in solidarity with Zimbabwe.

“It is not only Zimbabwe’s decision, but SADC’s decision. The SADC region will take part in commemoration of the anti-sanctions day,” said Ambassador Mbete.



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    None of the envoys that matter have called for the removal of the so-called sanctions, ie The Americans, The EU, etc.